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Discover the career opportunities and benefits of working for us. GamblingAuthority is a trusted online casino information source for players in the UK. Our priority is educating players and giving them the necessary information about the sites they play in. For this reason, our casino reviews are genuine, as well as the tips and guides we offer.

We cover all payment options, available games on your site and wagering requirements. If you’re interested in all of this, you have found the perfect partner. GamblingAuthority is a top-rated online casino affiliate, and we have a good international reach. Thus, we always keep an ear out for new talents.

We have a strong editorial team that consists of incredible writers, editors, fact-checkers, coders and designers. If you are curious about the experience of the UK online casino and sports betting industry, reach out to us. GamblingAuthority has a team of fully energised and passionate people, and they are the key to our success. If you’re passionate about the gambling industry and technology, we expect you’ll reach out to us soon.

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The different types of online gambling companies

There are different parts of the online casino industry and the iGaming world. Here’s a quick overview of a few of them:


Affiliates consist of publishers who manage and own sites like ours or engage in marketing activities for operators. The affiliate provides information on the original operators. So, when the player signs up via an affiliate site, the operator pays the affiliate a small commission.


Operators are companies that allow players to bet on online casinos and sportsbook sites. These range from options like poker, bingo, slot machines, sports betting and live casino games. On the operator’s site, players can register for a betting account, make deposits, and start playing casino games and betting on sports.

Game providers

The game providers are the ones responsible for developing slot machines, odds for sports betting and digital roulette tables, etc. All the games are licensed by the operators, who must pay back a commission to the game provider every time their game is played on their website. You can view the game providers as the brains behind the entertainment, while the operator is the face that offers it to the customers.

Payment providers

As the name implies, casino payment providers focus on everything money, including the bank’s services, e-wallets and the order to transfer money for operators using traditional banking methods. The payment providers are very important because all players make their deposits via the payment provider. Without payment providers, players will be unable to make deposits or withdraw funds from an online betting site when they win.


Gambling regulators are a group that regulates the iGaming industry, and government officials completely manage them. They are also responsible for issuing licenses to operators allowing them to provide online casino games and sports betting games to players. If there are any complaints, the regulators are responsible for resolving any player-operator issues.

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Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson
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Peter is our Editor-in-Chief at Gamblingauthority. He has more than eigth years of experience from the iGaming industry and is a valuable resource for everything related to online casinos.

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