Rogue Casinos: Blacklisted casinos & how to avoid rogue casino sites in the UK 2024

Stephen Jones

Not all online casinos play fair – in fact, rogue casinos are a significant problem within the online gambling industry. This makes choosing a legit online casino a bit of a minefield for UK players.

Because of this, we have created an online casino blacklist. The reasons for doing this will become apparent below. But, essentially, we’re letting you know about blacklisted and rogue online casinos so that you don’t fall prey to bad actors who will run off with your money.

In this article, we’ll cover what we consider to be a red flag. Plus, we’ll name names. And, on the flip side, we’ll show you how to find safe online casinos that won’t take you for a ride. Let’s go…

Key takeaways

What are blacklisted and rogue casinos?

In an ideal world, every online casino would be on the level. Everything would be clear-cut, transparent and aboveboard. And online gambling sites would live or die based on their quality-of-life features. Unfortunately, with the UK gambling industry worth more than £14 billion in 2022, there are plenty of scammers, charlatans and outright thieves out there – the majority of which are based outside the United Kingdom. And there are various techniques to lure in unsuspecting players. That’s why we’ll expose all the tactics of rogue casinos here.

Coming back to what rogue casino sites are for a moment. Let’s just say that they’re either too good to be true, they feature rigged games, or they are dodgy online casinos that want to scam players out of money. We’ll get into the details of these things (and others) below. For now, however, we can simply say that blacklisted casinos want to sail off into the sunset with as much of your money as possible. But by following our guide on rogue sites, you can avoid these scammers and play at legitimate real-money casinos in the UK. First, let’s get the lay of the land in the UK specifically…

Are there many rogue online casino sites in the UK?

All online casinos based in the United Kingdom are strictly regulated. This means that UK operators must obtain a casino license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Failure to do so could (and often does) result in the closure of the business, massive fines and jail time for the owner(s). Therefore, any UK-based online casino will be regulated appropriately by the notoriously strict UKGC. This should give a level of comfort to UK players at licensed casinos.

However, there are numerous blacklisted casinos that operate from other countries while still targeting UK players. These can be based in parts of Europe or further afield in island nations around the world. They are known as offshore sites. Technically, these sites shouldn’t be able to accept UK customers with a valid license from the UKGC. But as you can imagine, many criminal enterprises will ignore these rules. That can make playing at offshore sites dangerous.

How do rogue online casinos get blacklisted?

Before we start naming names of blacklisted casino sites, let’s cover the red flags. The following are the most common features of dodgy online casinos that get blacklisted. They might only be guilty of one of them. Whereas others have the whole deck. But the fact is that the trusted online casinos that we recommend don’t do any of these nefarious practices. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid any online casino sites that operate in such a way. Here are the top 5 rogue casino practices…

No valid license or outdated certificates ❌

As mentioned, no online casino should accept UK-based players without a valid UKGC license. However, because UK online infrastructure is open and VPNs are widely used, it’s reasonably easy to get around these restrictions. Now, there are degrees of naughtiness here. We consider an online casino with a Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license to be way more trustworthy than one with a relatively poor Government of Curacao license, for example. This is why we do not recommend playing at crypto casinos with Curacao licenses, for example. The UKGC won’t touch crypto with a bargepole, simply because it is ripe for abuse, fraud and dodgy dealings.

Rogue casino sites based offshore evade the UKGC rules in various ways. Many will fake their licenses – because many players won’t bother to look up the license(s) and check that it is valid. Others may have had a license back in the day but failed to maintain it correctly, making it invalid. Others are even more brazen. They simply don’t bother with obtaining any reputable license. This is a huge red flag. Without a license in place, there are no background checks, no unannounced inspections, and no guarantee that they have any money to pay players for their winnings. So, if you play at unlicensed casinos, expect them to disappear with your money.

Dodgy software providers and unfair games ❌

There are more than a few blacklisted casinos out there that are using rigged games. Using dodgy software will drastically shift the odds in the casino’s favour. So, while legitimate casino games will slightly favour the online casino, rigged games make it impossible for the player to win. Let’s take online slots as an example. A typical online slot at recommended casinos will have a return to player (RTP) of around 95-96%. That means a player can expect to win 95-96p for every £1 wagered. This is a rigorously tested average – meaning that some will receive winnings in excess of that figure (i.e., above 100%), whereas other players will lose money.

All of the above is strictly monitored by independent organisations like eCOGRA. They run millions of spins in a short timeframe to ensure that the average RTP rates are correct. With dodgy or hacked software, however, the RTP rates are falsified. There have even been cases of legitimate slots from top software providers being manipulated. So, while you think you’re playing a legit version of Gonzo’s Quest, for example, the hacked version gives you no chance of winning. So, in addition to ensuring you only play at UKGC-licensed online casinos, check that the games have been tested by eCOGRA or a similarly well-respected testing company.

False advertising that is too good to be true ❌

Another positive of playing casino games at UKGC sites is the strict rules on advertising and marketing. In fact, several online casinos get fined every year for false advertising or misleading marketing. This is important because it keeps the best online casinos on their toes. For example, the UKGC bans the use of models under the age of 25 in their adverts. In fact, the models cannot even look under the age of 25. Similarly, the use of the word “free” is regulated. If something is advertised as “free” there cannot be wagering requirements attached.

Blacklisted casinos take liberties with the rules all the time. You could call it habitual behaviour rather than an honest mistake. In this way, many offshore casinos targeting UK players will use offers that are simply too good to be true. So, when you see a welcome bonus offer of 1,000% of your first deposit, it’s clearly bullshit. There’s no way a rogue casino will honour something like that without making it impossible to withdraw any winnings. Either that or they are incredibly naive about bonus abuse and will soon be put out of business.

Multiple online casino payment problems ❌

Another classic way of ripping off UK players is to create online payment problems. This can include slow payments (in the hope that the player gives up chasing the company) or no payment whatsoever. Some blacklisted casinos will go dark when questioned about these things. Other online gambling companies will come up with all sorts of excuses for why a payment hasn’t been made to a player’s bank account. Or banking methods like Bitcoin could be the only “option”. The only conclusion to draw about such things is either the company doesn’t have the funds to payout the winnings or the people running it simply don’t want to.

You’ll also notice that making deposits go without a hitch. But when it comes to withdrawing casino winnings fast, there is suddenly a multitude of payment problems. Some of the blacklisted sites we’ve listed below are doing this on a daily basis. And if the online casino company is based in some far-flung location, there is little UK players can do to get ahold of their winnings. Plus, the rule of law in some countries is not exactly proactive about clamping down on these things. And that’s, of course, assuming that the companies’ whereabouts can be determined.

Poor site reputation and player complaints ❌

Last but not least, we spend time on gambling forums. We’re looking for player complaints, no matter how big or small. Of course, we take these things with a pinch of salt – after all, people love complaining about anything under the sun over the internet. However, if a consensus starts to build or there are multiple users complaining about the same things over weeks and months, then something isn’t quite right. We then investigate the complaints of UK gamblers to see what the problem is. And more often than not, put them on the casino blacklist.

Some of the dodgiest blacklisted sites will run a gambling site just well enough to keep things together. They don’t want deposits to dry up before they decide to pull the rug. Therefore, they will do the bare minimum required to stay afloat in the short term. They will pay out a few thousand players. And they will counter complaints made on forums – sometimes quite aggressively, which is another warning sign. But at some point, they will disappear in a puff of smoke and take all the money they possibly can. So, we take player complaints very seriously.

Rogue casino sites you should avoid

Below, we’ve collected a list of blacklisted online casino sites. There are quite a few on the rogue casino list, some of which target UK players, while others operate around the world. So, if you’re looking for a new casino, be sure to avoid these shady casinos. On the other hand, if you want to skip straight to our recommended top casinos, scroll down or go to our list of the best online casinos in the UK. There are many excellent casinos out there, but sites from these groups fall short…

Rigged casino games: AffPower Casinos Group❗

Rogue casinos under the AffPower moniker have reportedly managed to hack legitimate NetEnt games and rig them to give themselves a huge house edge. So, playing casino games at any of these sites is nothing but folly. On top of that, we’ve heard stories of players not being paid their winnings. So, whatever you do, don’t give these guys any of your deposit money:

Atlantic  ▪  Casino BluSky  ▪  Casino Bordeaux  ▪  Casino SuperLines  ▪  Casino1 Club  ▪  Cashpot  ▪  Company  ▪  Cosmik  ▪  Crazy  ▪  Deuce Club  ▪  EnzoCasino  ▪  EuroMoon  ▪  Madame Chance  ▪  Magik Slots  ▪  OceanBets  ▪  OrientXpress  ▪  Osiris  ▪  Park Lane  ▪  Ramses Gold  ▪  Slots500  ▪  Times Square  ▪  Triomphe

Questionable practices: Ace Revenue Group❗

This group of blacklisted casino sites has been operating since 1998. Remarkably, they’re still going today despite multiple reports of players not being paid what’s owed to them. We hear that some players have even received threats from the company, too. So, avoid these guys like the proverbial plague. You won’t get anything out of badgering their customer support team:

123 Slots Online  ▪  Captain Jack  ▪  Club Player  ▪  Cool Cat  ▪  Dreams  ▪  Grand Fortune  ▪  Le Bon  ▪  Palace of Chance  ▪  Planet 7  ▪  Planet 7 Oz  ▪  Posh  ▪  Prism  ▪  Raging Bull  ▪  RingMaster  ▪  Royal Ace  ▪  Ruby Slots  ▪  Silver Oak  ▪  Slot Madness  ▪  Slots Garden  ▪  Slots of Vegas  ▪  The Virtual Casino  ▪  Vegas Strip  ▪  VIP Lounge  ▪  Wild Vegas

Slow payments: Cyberrock Entertainment Group❗

These casinos are licensed by the notoriously dodgy Government of Curacao, which should set off your spidey senses immediately. What really gets our goat about this set of blacklisted casinos is numerous reports of slow payments. We’re talking years for some players to get their money – if they get any at all. So do yourself a favour and avoid any of the following casinos:

21Grand  ▪  Casino Fiz  ▪  CrazyWinners  ▪  Euro Fortune  ▪  EZ Scratch  ▪  Play2Win  ▪  Rockbet  ▪  Slots Jackpot  ▪  SupremePlay  ▪  Tradition  ▪  Vegas Days

Withdrawal requests void: FutureBet Casinos Group❗

This one isn’t just stiffing players out of their money. Instead, it seems no one in the gambling industry is safe from these rogue casino sites. The company has been accused of not only refusing to pay out their players but also licensing regulators and casino affiliates. Therefore, we do not support any of the following. All of them are on our rogue casino blacklist:

300 Chips  ▪  Ace City  ▪  Amco Poker   Average Joe  ▪  Beach House Poker  ▪  Big Daddy’s  ▪  Doms  ▪  Don Poker  ▪  Down Home Poker  ▪  Dukes Palace  ▪  Empire  ▪  Jack Daddy’s Poker  ▪  Lucky River Poker  ▪  Maya Gaming  ▪  Open Table Poker  ▪  Poker Dealer  ▪  Pokers DNA  ▪  Poker Eon  ▪  Poker Poka  ▪  Podium Poker  ▪  Poker Souls  ▪  Poker Syndicate  ▪  PokerTouch  ▪  RioParty  ▪  US Star  ▪  Star Online Gaming  ▪  Stinky Fish Poker  ▪  Stone Gaming  ▪  Texas Holdem Room  ▪  The Golden Vegas  ▪  The Poker Club  ▪  Vegas 24  ▪  Want My Poker  ▪  Xtreme Bluff

Payment problems: Gambling Federation Group❗

Back in 2005, the Gambling Federation Group decided to remove the winnings of a player – a significant amount of money, too! Even the software company had to step in but the case was never solved and the player received jack. The Gambling Federation were also accused of installing malware on players’ computers with downloadable software in the past. Avoid!

707 Casino  ▪  After Work  ▪  All Poker Games  ▪  Amazing Video Poker  ▪  BlackJack Club  ▪  Casino 3X  ▪  Casino Alhambra  ▪  Casino Freedom  ▪  Casino Grande  ▪  Casino Italia  ▪  Casino Mel  ▪  Casino Poker Las Vegas  ▪  Commodore  ▪  Go 4 Millions  ▪  Golden Balls  ▪  Golden Star  ▪  It’s Las Vegas Baby  ▪  Jeux de Cesar  ▪  K2  ▪  Lady Luck  ▪  Lucky Gate  ▪  Magic Vegas  ▪  Major Slots  ▪  Maximus  ▪  Max Slots  ▪  Mickey’s Club  ▪  Oceans  ▪  Online Casino Fever  ▪  Pink Lady  ▪  Pure Slots  ▪  Rich Club  ▪  Rockland  ▪  Royal City  ▪  Sizzling Slots  ▪  Slots Express  ▪  Video Poker Classic  ▪  Video Poker Saloon  ▪  Winners Goldmine

How do I complain about rogue casinos in the UK?

If the online casino is based in the United Kingdom, complain directly to the UKGC. The UKGC often steps in on behalf of players who have been mistreated by rogue casinos. And in some cases, the players have received compensation when the issues play out in court. If, however, the casino is based outside the UK, there is not much you can do about it. You can complain to the relevant licensing authority, of course. But many blacklisted casino sites operate without proper licensing. This is why we always recommend that new players go with safe UKGC sites.

Do we remove legit sites from our casino blacklist?

While we’re happy to increase the scores of casinos for actions like offering games in new categories (such as progressive jackpot and instant play games, for example), including better bonuses for new players and lowering playthrough requirements. But we’re unlikely to take a blacklisted casino off our naughty list. That’s because we only blacklist rogue casino sites for playing fast and loose with serious things. These include ignoring industry standards set up by the UKGC, making slow payments and not honouring bonuses. Messing with players’ financial information is also a big no-no. Therefore, blacklisted casinos tend to stay blacklisted.

We hope you agree that a rogue casino site is just not worth the headache. Instead, you should focus your time and money on the UK’s best casinos. After all, there’s no point claiming fantastic bonuses or grabbing a big win if it all comes to nothing in the end – or worse the casino never ends up paying you or letting you withdraw your balance. Instead, grab a bonus from one of our trustworthy casinos. Here are some of the top casinos in the business:

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One experience with a rogue gambling site is enough to put yourself off for life. So, it’s really not worth the hassle – no matter how amazing the casino bonuses seem to be. We hope that you’ve learned the major warning signs by reading our page on rogue casinos and how they operate outside of the law. Stick to UKGC-licensed sites and you’ll have a much better time!

Rogue Casinos FAQ

Do UK online casinos rig games to make me lose money?

No, the vast majority of online casinos are above-board and the games are regulated to be fair. That's why it is important that the slots and other games are monitored by independent organisations like eCOGRA. Also, all UK sites are licensed by the notoriously strict UKGC.

How can I avoid rogue casinos when gambling online?

If you only play at sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, you'll be in safe hands. The UKGC ensures that the online casino is run by the book, has rigorous security practices for storing your data and has enough money reserved in the bank to pay out jackpot winners.

What makes your recommended casinos trustworthy?

We only ever recommend genuine UK online casinos that are fully licensed by the UKGC. We also conduct in-depth reviews of all the sites and personally check out any complaints made about UK online casinos. In short, we want to be as transparent as possible so you'll come back.

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