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At GamblingAuthority, we focus on our online casino partners. Our site is tailored to suit partners based in the UK. So, if you manage an online casino or perhaps a sportsbook site that targets customers in the UK, you’re welcome to join us. This alliance isn’t new. We presently have some of the best in the business as our partners, and you don’t want to be excluded. There are tons of benefits to partnering with GamblingAuthority. But let’s go over a few and explain the process of getting your sports betting or online casino site to join our partnership.

Why partner with GamblingAuthority?

When UK players do minor research on sports betting sites and online casinos that offer huge welcome bonuses, they are directed to some sites that guide them towards this need. These are affiliate sites that show them the best of the offers available to UK players. One of those sites is GamblingAuthority. We put out the best online casino reviews, bonus appraisals and analyses of payment methods. If you join our team, your site is more likely to reach your target audience. After reading our review of your site, players will become interested in what you offer, and there will be higher levels of traffic to your site. Plus, our services are not expensive – they only require a small commission.

What we can do for your brand

Aside from bringing traffic to your site, there are other advantages to a partnership with GamblingAuthority. The first is our dedication to giving your site an in-depth review. Our reviews show off your best qualities so that the players can visualise your site and understand all its offerings before using it. Through our reviews, they will learn about the free bets, spins and bonus packages you have. Do you want to show off your payment options and customer support too? Then we have you covered. Our team will promote your game selections, too – ensuring all the important details are covered.

An additional benefit is that GamblingAuthority has lists where we display top casinos, sportsbooks and their bonuses. They are featured on all the main pages of our site. When you collaborate with us, your site gets to feature on our lists, which will bring more traffic to your site. The links on our reviews go straight to your registration page, and the sign-up process begins. Signing up through our site is way easier than the Google option, and our reviews encourage players to make that first deposit.

Finally, our site brings in other links from your site, not just the sign-up pages. This will boost your SEO performance and increase organic search possibilities. When we work together, we both win and both go home smiling.

How to get listed at GamblingAuthority

Deciding to partner with GamblingAuthority is a painless process. Let’s go into the proper details below. However, do note that you must meet our requirements for all our listings, so let’s get to those first.

Requirements for getting listed

During our partnership with your site, we’ll list out the basic requirements. Our team would need your graphical assets so they can be displayed with your review and listings on our site. We would also request a list of all the special features and bonus offers and seasonal promotions you have on the site.

Our reviews are 100% unbiased

At GamblingAuthority, we are a sincere source of information on the UK gambling market. To maintain this trust, the review rate is completely decided by our team and should have nothing to do with our partners. You won’t be able to suggest what order our listing should be in. It is better if our partners do not influence the team’s opinion. This is because getting the best for our users comes first.

We only list licensed gambling sites

This is a very important fact to take note of. GamblingAuthority is a site that provides its users with safe gambling site options. Your online casino or sports betting site must be licensed if you must partner with us. Our team always verifies the licensing of our partners to see if it has expired or was retracted. If your site’s license has expired, it will be removed from our site or, in worse cases, added to our blacklist. As we mentioned earlier, safety is a priority for us and our players.

How to partner with us

We have outlined the major steps you need to reach us below. If you follow the instructions, a representative of our partnership team will reach out to you, bringing more information. The process does not take too long from when a call is made to our team.

How to get in touch with us

Please send your partnership inquiry to

Or reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

Partners of GamblingAuthority FAQ

What are the major benefits of partnering with GamblingAuthority?

GamblingAuthority brings highly targeted traffic to your target audience, which are casino players and sports bettors based in the UK. When you become a partner, you benefit from increased exposure because more people will have direct access via links to your site. Most users in search of gambling content are likely to use your online casino if they find it on GamblingAuthority. All the links on our sites mentioning bonuses will lead them to the gem that is your site. After seeing the bonus offered, they would be encouraged to create an account and start playing.

What are your requirements for partners?

The first requirement is that you must have a site that is licensed by the UKGC to function in the UK. Once that is out of the way, give us all the information we need, including your site’s graphical assets. If there is a sudden change of information on your site, reach out to any of our Partnership team members for the update to be made. If the updates are not made, you stand to lose potential traffic. Feel free to ask the Partnership team any questions you may have and let's make this a profitable realtionship.

Why do you only feature licensed casinos?

Our website provides safe gambling options to our users. Thus, we feel it is a lot safer to feature fully licensed sites to protect those who trust us. Having a license as an online casino increases your rank, but sometimes that license can be revoked. If this happens, you are ranked lower than you previously were since a license is vital for us.  Having a license is the first green flag for GamblingAuthority. We do our best to protect our users from unpleasant experiences from sites we recommend, and games played at licensed casinos are safer.

Can I change your review of my online casino?

It is possible, but it is only applicable when we have said something false about your site. Then,  our team will change the information to the correct one. If the language we portray on your site isn't comfortable for you, we can change the phrases in the review. However, if we complain about a fault or weakness on your site, we won't change it until the problem has been sorted on your end. This is to avoid misleading our target audience. Our reviews are fair and objective so you can trust our judgment.

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