Cashback Casino UK: Compare cashback casinos and cashback bonuses UK 2024

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Many UK players prefer cashback bonus casinos over sites with other offers. That’s especially the case for VIPs and high rollers. They want top cashback deals instead of other casino promotions.

Nevertheless, if you want the safety net of earning casino cashback bonuses on any losses each week, read on! We’ll show you how to find and understand the best casino cashback offers. Plus, we’ll discuss why cashback could be the ideal casino loyalty bonus for some UK casino players.

Now, let’s reveal the best cashback casino bonuses on our list of top UK cashback casinos…

Best cashback casinos in the UK 2024

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Key takeaways

What are cashback casinos and cashback bonuses?

So, what is a cashback bonus? And how do cashback casinos work exactly? Don’t worry, all will be revealed. So, the best way to think about a cashback bonus is like an insurance policy. A casino cashback deal protects players against a run of bad form. Let’s get into the details…

An example of cashback casinos and their offers

Say you are offered a cashback deal of 20% up to £100 over one week. You play your favourite games during that week. You win some, you lose some. But overall, you lose more than you win – and at the end of the week, you’re done an even £100. Well, in that case, you’ll get casino cashback bonus money of 20% of your losses. This means you can play with an extra £20. To claim a cashback bonus, you typically need to opt into the promotion and use real money in the games.

Cashback casinos and offers that work for everyone

So, it’s quite simple and it means you’ll have some extra dosh if you end up losing bets. If you win, you won’t get casino cashback. But you’ve won, so you’re already up. So, it really is a win-win situation if you think about it. That’s why cashback casinos are so popular in the UK.

Can I get casino cashback when playing live dealer games?

A cashback casino bonus is usually limited to certain games. More often than not, casino cashback offers will be linked to slot games. However, it’s all down to the cashback casino. So, in order to be competitive, some independent UK casinos will have a live casino cashback deal. This one will be strictly limited to any lost bets on live dealer games. But, we think it’s worth it!

So, whenever searching for the best casino cashback offers, be sure to read the terms and conditions. These will tell you what casino games are eligible. You’ll also find out the period covered by the cashback offer, as well as the maximum cashback you can claim each time.

How do cashback bonuses work?

The reason that the best casino cashback offers are so popular in the UK should be fairly obvious by now. They give players a safety net of sorts, in case of a bad run of form. Now, some cashback casino bonuses require a minimum deposit at the start of the promotion. Others forego this condition but place wagering requirements on cashback bonuses. And so on.

All that aside, all the best casino cashback offers work in much the same way. It’s more about the eligible games, the maximum amount of cashback and the period covered by the cashback bonus. But there are some differences here and there. For example, loyal players with a high VIP status may be entitled to a much larger cashback amount. Let’s get into that now…

Types of cashback casino bonuses

While all online casino cashback offers do the same thing in principle, there are some differences. These differences may influence your decision to go for one cashback bonus over another. For example, some cashback bonus money offers do not require a minimum deposit, while others do. Then, some deposit offers won’t have wagering requirements and so on.

Cashback on losses

When it comes to claiming a regular cashback offer, you’ll need to weigh up a few things. For example, how much deposit money is required, the eligible games and the wagering requirements. Some offers may have a max cash-out limit, while others, like those at All British Casino, have no max cash-out for certain deposit offers. Also, consider the period covered by the cashback casino bonus. You might also want to forego a welcome bonus and free spins for a decent first-deposit cashback bonus.

VIP cashback bonuses

Loyal players depositing regularly and achieving a high VIP status play in a different league. Many UK VIP programmes will offer very large cashback bonuses. We’re talking up to £500 or even in excess of £1,000 cashback casino bonuses. However, with VIP casino cashback offers on this scale, you can expect minimum deposit amounts in the hundreds or thousands per week.

How to claim your casino cashback

Claiming a casino cashback bonus is fairly straightforward. But many casinos like to do things their own way – so always check this on the site itself. Alternatively, check with customer support about the process if you’re unsure about anything. Here are the most common steps:

  1. Go to your casino account and opt-in for a cashback bonus (enter a promo code if needed)
  2. Make a minimum deposit with your chosen payment method (if required) and play games
  3. If you make a lost bet (or many), you’ll receive a cashback bonus at the end of the promo
  4. Play through your cashback bonus and complete any wagering requirements (if necessary)
  5. Withdraw any winnings from your cashback bonus via your chosen payment method

Pros and cons of cashback bonuses

So far, we've covered the many benefits of claiming casino cashback bonuses. However, we haven't compared casino cashback to other casino bonus offers like welcome bonuses or free spins. So, let's break down the various pros and cons of cashback bonus money…


  • Casino cashback offers give players a safety net to cover any lost bets
  • Any bad luck over a period of time allows players to earn cashback
  • Cashback bonuses enable players to continue playing with bonus funds
  • Players on a casino VIP program prefer cashback bonuses over free spins
  • VIP programmes offer huge sums of bonus cashback for eligible players


  • Cashback bonuses do not payout when a player wins real cash when playing games
  • Players have to wait until the end of the promo before getting their cashback bonus
  • Cashback bonuses often have wagering requirements attached to the bonus money

Are casino cashback bonuses safe?

Cashback casinos are perfectly legal in the United Kingdom – with some caveats. The main caveat is that cashback casinos based in the United Kingdom must have a license from the UK Gambling Commission to operate. This is a good thing because the UKGC protects players – as well as ensuring that licensed casinos offering cashback bonuses are run by the book.

In terms of safety, there are other things you can do besides only playing at sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. First, always check that the online casino is using encryption by looking for the padlock symbol in the URL address bar. Then, use two-factor authentication (such as Touch ID or Face ID) to protect passwords. Using secure payment methods also helps.

Finally, there’s nothing to say that you have to use deposit offers or cashback bonuses. You can always walk away at any point, or let the casino bonus expire. If you feel you cannot meet the wagering requirements, for example, just don’t complete them. You can always choose to play with real cash – i.e., the money you deposit into your casino account. Casino offers are optional.

Wagering requirements at cashback casinos

The wagering requirements for cashback bonus deals are, in principle, the same as other casino bonus offers. So, if you know about the wagering requirements attached to a welcome bonus, deposit bonus or free spins, you’re already ahead. However, let’s break it down…

The wagering requirements for a cashback bonus apply only to the initial bonus amount received. So, if you receive a £10 cashback bonus, you must wager that £10 X times. If the wagering is 35 times the bonus amount, that means wagering £350 on eligible casino games. Your best bet is to complete the wagering on online slots, which usually contribute 100%.

This all seems like a lot of money compared to the cashback bonus itself. And it is! But remember that you can both win and lose money while wagering, so it’s down to luck. Then, once you have completed the wagering requirements at cashback casinos, you can withdraw your bonus funds.

How fast can I get paid out at cashback casinos?

All casino cashback offers are time-limited. For example, you’re cashback bonus period will end at a certain time each week. As soon as that time is reached and you have net losses, your cashback will be scheduled to be credited. This could be instantly, or it could be the next day. Just check the terms and conditions of the cashback offer to find out when it will be paid. For more information, please see our guide to fast payout casinos.

What do cashback casinos offer to VIPs?

Online casinos with cashback offers are primed for VIP programmes. That’s because high rollers tend to prefer casino cashback offers to free spins casinos. So, VIP casinos are more likely to provide large amounts of casino cashback for players with VIP status. Here, we’re talking deposit bonuses and cashback bonuses in excess of £1,000 – which require large deposits.

In addition to fabulous a welcome bonus, deposit bonus and/or cashback bonus, VIPs can expect the royal treatment at leading casinos. This includes a personal account manager, birthday bonuses and exclusive slots tournaments. Plus, there will be the chance to win tickets for world-class sporting events around the globe. The cashback deal is only the start!

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Now you know everything there is to know about cashback casinos in the UK. So, it’s just a matter of choosing from multiple online casinos with a cashback offer. Whether that’s from casino sites that have a regular cashback offer or ones tailored to VIPs. Still, it’s important to pick a British casino with responsible gambling at its heart. And a fully licensed casino, too!

With our guide, you’ll be able to find the best casino cashback offer for your needs. Just bear in mind cashback bonuses that require a bonus code. And there’s no need to go for the maximum cashback amount if you feel more comfortable with lower first deposit amounts. Or choosing a new bonus with free spins instead. Plus, there are cashback bonuses for existing players, too.

Casino Cashback Bonus FAQs

How does cashback work at an online casino?

Your net losses over the promotion period count towards cashback bonuses. So, if a cashback bonus entitles you to up to, say, £100, you will receive a cashback bonus of £100 after the promotion period has ended. In this way, any lost bet or wager contributes to your cashback.

Do online casinos offer cashback for British players?

Yes, there are many British casino sites with cashback offers in place. This is especially the case with any online casino aimed at high rollers or VIPs. Check out our list of the best casino cashback offers above (bonus code included) and read the linked casino reviews for more info.

Do live casinos have cashback deals in the UK?

Some do, some don't. It's entirely up to the brand whether cashback casino offers are inclusive of live casino games. However, it doesn't take too long to find cashback offers with a maximum amount for live casino games. Our online casino reviews have more info on this.

What are the best cashback sites in the UK?

This one is difficult to answer once and for all. Simply because everyone has different tastes/budgets. Some existing players at a British casino will want a simple cashback bonus for slot games. Whereas, high rollers will want the maximum bonus for a variety of casino titles.

Do cashback casinos offer good bonuses?

Yes. Some casino cashback sites are dedicated cashback offers – instead of welcome bonuses, free spins and other casino offers. But other sites will combine everything, from the first deposit bonus to maximum bonus cashback deals. So, it's always worth shopping around.

How fast can I get a cashback bonus?

This all depends on the casino cashback offer in question. Some will give out casino cashback offers as soon as the promotion period ends. Whereas, others will distribute the cashback on the next working day. Check the terms and conditions of the cashback bonus for more details.

Do I have to make a deposit to get a cashback bonus?

It depends on the casino cashback offer. Some are offered as a deposit bonus, some require a promo code, while others simply require opting in from a promotions page. Therefore, we recommend reading the casino cashback T&Cs to see if it's a deposit bonus or something else.

Can I get casino cashback on losses – true or false?

True. Casino cashback offers are very real – and that's just as much the case for players making their first deposit as it is for existing players. However, some casino cashback is a deposit bonus whereas others require opting in. Check the casino cashback T&Cs for more info.

Is it legal to offer cashback at an online casino?

Yes. Casino cashback is just as legal in the UK as welcome bonuses, free spins and other casino offers. However, for your safety, we only recommend casino cashback sites that are licensed by the UKGC. The UKGC ensures that casino offers are fair and that players are always protected.

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