No Deposit Bonus UK: Compare no deposit bonus casinos in the UK 2024

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Casino no deposit bonus offers are the holy grail for UK players. And there are a surprising number of UK no deposit casinos out there. But choosing the best no deposit casino with the best no deposit bonuses can be tough.

Therefore, our casino bonus experts have done all the painstaking research for you. We’ve collected all the casinos with free no deposit bonus offers and bonus codes in one place.

So, let’s explore all the best no deposit casino bonus deals out there. These include no deposit free spins, bonus codes and casino bonus cash – all with no deposit required! Let’s begin…

Best no deposit bonus casinos in the UK 2024

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Key takeaways

What are no deposit casino bonuses?

So before we get going, what exactly are no deposit bonuses? At their most basic (you guessed it), they are bonuses that do not require you to make a deposit. Not that it’s free money – there are always wagering requirements and other terms and conditions attached. Nevertheless, it is a relatively risk-free way for UK customers to play games at the casino and decide later if they want to complete the wagering requirements and withdraw their winnings.

No deposit bonuses explained

Above, we’ve mentioned various types of no deposit bonuses in the UK. But we’ve glossed over the specifics of each deal. So, let’s dive into the details of each no deposit bonus right now. Here are the most common forms of no deposit bonus offers at many UK online casino sites…

Casino no deposit bonuses

The most popular type of no deposit bonus is one where you get cash funds without making a deposit. This bonus credit can be used on your favourite casino games – though restrictions may apply such as max bet and so on. Additionally, there is often a 'max win post wagering' limit, which specifies the maximum amount that can be won after completing the wagering requirements for the bonus. No deposit bonuses can be picked up at the registration phases before claiming a welcome bonus and/or sometimes down the line, too. Occasionally, you may need to enter no deposit bonus codes or register a debit card (more on that below).

Free spins no deposit

Instead of bonus credit, most online casinos will give you a handful of no deposit free spins or bonus spins. "Free spins no deposit" bonuses are often restricted to a specific slot game or a small number of slot games from one provider, for example. The value of the spins won’t be all that high either, so forget about being able to use max bet. However, when trying out various online slots, free spins no deposit are some of the best no deposit bonus offers in existence.

Free spins on card registration

Sometimes, you can get a no deposit bonus with a valid debit card registration. This involves entering a debit card as a payment method – but you do not have to make a casino deposit in order to activate the bonus credit or free spins. Note that you will occasionally have to do a valid debit card verification, which involves sending smartphone photos of your debit card. Doing a valid debit card verification might be a pain. But you can get extra free spins!

Wager-free no deposit bonuses

Some no deposit casinos in the UK disregard no deposit bonus wagering requirements altogether. Though they are quite rare, we have to admit. Instead, you might have limits on how much you can win instead. Still, if you don’t have to deposit and you end up being able to withdraw £20, it’s still a great way to win real money for nothing. So, be sure to keep an eye out for no wager casino bonuses. After all, there are rarely any sweeter deals!

Another type of bonus to look out for is playing on deposit bonuses, which offer additional opportunities such as Game of the Month bonuses, allowing you to play free slots with potential bonuses during specific promotional periods.

Keep-what-you-win no deposit bonuses

These online casino bonuses are similar to the wager-free deals mentioned above. However, unlike those, there are no restrictions on how much you can win – you can withdraw games bonus winnings, no questions asked. So, whereas some deals limit you to withdrawing a maximum of, say, £50, there is no such restriction with keep-what-you-win casino bonus offers. So, if you happen to win £250 or more, it's yours to withdraw at any given time. Nice!

No deposit cashback bonuses

While these deals are not strictly what we would call a "no deposit bonus", casino cashback offers do share some similarities. Essentially, the casino gives you back a certain amount of your losses over a given period of time. So, while you will often need to deposit and lose some money in the first place, you are able to claim this casino bonus without making another deposit. These bonuses are preferred by high rollers and are a key feature of UK VIP casinos.

How to claim a no deposit bonus

Claiming a no deposit casino bonus couldn’t be easier. Actually, we’d say it’s one of the easier bonuses to claim. Plus, the fact that it’s a no-deposit-required process makes it even more of a doddle. Here’s our step-by-step guide to getting started at no deposit casinos in the UK…

① Look through GamblingAuthority no deposit casinos

You’re in the right place to claim no deposit bonus cash funds and/or a no deposit free spins bonus. Look through the offers we have listed above and below to find the deal that suits you best. Also, note the most significant terms and conditions next to each of the casino bonuses.

② Choose one of the available no deposit bonus offers

Things of particular note are the wagering requirements for casino bonuses and free spin winnings. Also, check if there are any time limits before the no deposit promotions expire. Finally, check that your favourite online casino games are included in the casino bonuses.

③ Sign up, log in and claim your no deposit bonus

New UK customers can sign up through our links directly. Fill in a few details, confirm your email address and log into your account. Your no deposit bonus should already be available – or enter a bonus code (if required). Then, simply enjoy slot games and other online casino titles.

How to withdraw your no deposit bonus winnings

Let’s say you’ve played through your initial bonus amount and you’ve won. Congratulations! Well, you might be wondering what happens next, right? And some of this might depend on the deal in question and its associated terms. But in general, once you’ve played your initial bonus amount or free spins, you’ll need to complete the wagering requirements. This means wagering a certain amount on slot games. This wagering gives you additional chances of winning, of course. Then, once the wagering requirements are completed, you can withdraw.

Why do online casinos offer free no deposit bonuses?

Many UK online gambling sites offer some form of no deposit bonus. And the reasoning behind this is quite clear. In order to be competitive and draw in players, UK casinos need a stellar no deposit offer – as well as a high-value welcome bonus. But in order to sweeten the deal for the casino, you’ll find things like no deposit registration bonus credit, for example. In this way, the online casino has a chance of retaining the player long after the no deposit bonus expires.

Advantages of no deposit casino bonuses

We’ve already touched on some of the main pros of claiming an online casino no deposit bonus. But let’s go into a little more detail on the specific advantages these casino bonus offers have over deposit promotions. Most of these are true for both free spins no deposit offers and no deposit cash bonuses. Below, we rounded up the top 5 reasons to claim a no deposit bonus…

💚 Risk-free casino bonuses

As stated above, a no deposit casino bonus is largely risk-free. A ‘no deposit registration bonus’ is a common type of risk-free bonus. You don’t need to put any of your moolah on the line when trying to win real money. And it’s entirely up to you if you think the winnings earned aren’t enough to justify the wagering requirements. Therefore, you can walk away at any given time. This is why we say that no deposit bonuses are risk-free.

💚 Try out slots for free

Coupled with many no deposit offers are a handful of free spins for top casino slot games. After all, every UK casino is competing for registrations. Therefore, it makes sense to put their best foot forward from the get-go. That means you get to try out the very best online slots with your free spins. In fact, we’d say there’s no better way to experience top slot machines.

💚 Get free bets at bookies

Online casinos are not the only game in town. Many UK sports betting sites have similar and completely free no deposit bonus. But instead of free spins, you’ll get a free bet. This free bonus cash usually equates to between £5 and £25 and can be used to wager on certain sporting events. And like free spins, you can always walk away if you don’t win real money.

💚 No obligation to deposit

This one is fairly self-evident but it’s still worth pointing out. When comparing free spins no deposit with free spins that do require a deposit, it’s a no-brainer. However, the free spins that accompany top UK welcome bonuses are usually of a higher value and there’s a lot more of them to be had. Nevertheless, playing casino free spins on the house has a certain allure.

💚 Separate to welcome bonus

Let’s say that you’ve used up your free spins and casino no deposit bonus. You might think that’s that and begin to look elsewhere. But if you really like a casino’s features, you can still claim a deposit Welcome Bonus on top. In this way, you can get a feel for a UK casino, and then decide if you want to claim a deposit welcome bonus. It’s really the best of both worlds.

Disadvantages of no deposit casino bonuses

It’s not all a bed of roses, however. And in the interest of balance and full disclosure, we’d like to cover some of the downsides to no deposit casino bonuses. Again, we’re mainly comparing these offers to the more common welcome bonus credit and deposit free spins found at many UK sites. Here, then, are the 5 disadvantages of claiming a no deposit bonus as a UK player…

💔 Small cash bonuses, few free spins

The number of available no deposit free spins and their value per spin is often quite limited in no deposit promotions. And any free bonus credit may also be rather meagre. But the online casinos have to protect themselves in some way – they don’t give much away for anything! So, be sure to weigh up the casino bonus credit, as well as the number of free spins and value per spin, before deciding.

💔 Withdrawal amounts limited

As well as finding your no deposit spins capped to a certain number and value, there will usually be a games bonus wins cap too. What do we mean by this? Well, a games bonus wins cap simply means there is a max cash amount you can win. For example, an online casino may limit free spins winnings to £100. Anything above that amount is simply removed afterwards.

💔 High wagering requirements

Coupled with certain restrictions on what games are included is the likelihood of higher wagering requirements for no deposit casino bonuses. So, instead of the industry standard 35 times the bonus credit, you might find wagering requirements of up to 50 times (or even higher). This makes withdrawing your winnings much more difficult, so we would avoid those deals.

💔 Some games bonus excluded

Free spins are often locked to certain games. For example, you might find your free spins locked to Gonzo’s Quest or Starburst. These are certainly no slouches in the slot machines category. But maybe you want more choice about what to play? That’s why welcome bonus free spins are often more flexible. So be sure to check if your favourite slot game is included.

💔 Time limits may apply

One final disadvantage of many no deposit bonuses is a time limit. This isn’t a bother if you are going to play the bonus credit or free spins right away, but it could bite you in the butt if you happen to leave it too long. The same is true for completing the wagering requirements, too. You will have to do that before the offer’s expiry date if you want to keep what you win!

No deposit bonuses vs other casino promotions

UK no deposit bonuses are often compared to deposit match offers. The latter are commonly seen in welcome bonus deals. For example, you might get a 100% match deposit bonus worth up to £200. This gives you a significant amount of bonus funds on the house, in addition to your own playing funds. Whereas a no deposit casino offer will be much lower in value. For example, you might get 10, 20 or 50 free spins no deposit or around £20 in bonus credit. Therefore, it’s always worth shopping around for the best ways to maximise your playing time.

No deposit bonus considerations

Sourcing the best no deposit bonus can be a tricky task. Luckily, however, we’ve done all of the hard work of researching for you. At the top of this page, you can find the latest no deposit bonuses at UK online casinos. Some of these offer bonus credit, others include no deposit free spins, and some offer both. Then there are restrictions and wagering requirements to consider. With so many things to bear in mind, then, we’ve broken the process down into manageable chunks. Here’s our step-by-step guide when researching no deposit bonuses:

  1. Wagering requirements

    Wagering requirements can make or break a casino no deposit bonus. Too high and it’s hardly worth the effort required to withdraw your winnings. Therefore, it’s important to go for the lowest wagering requirements or wager-free deals wherever possible.

  2. Value of the free spins

    Not all free spins are created equal. Some may be worth an equivalent of 10p per spin, whereas others may up that to 50p or £1 per spin. So, it goes without saying that the value of the free spins being offered is definitely something to keep in mind.

  3. Expiry date of the offer

    Normally, you’ll want to play your no deposit free spins as soon as possible. But let’s say you wanted to play one a day for a week or two. Would you run out of time and invalidate your winnings? The same thing applies to wagering requirements – when do they expire?

  4. Casino games included

    Most free spins bonuses are limited to a single slot game. Therefore, it’s imperative that you choose a casino no deposit deal that includes online slots you really want to play. Doing otherwise will significantly decrease the enjoyment of your no deposit free spins.

  5. Withdrawal timelines

    If you’ve won some money from your no deposit free spins, you’ll want to complete the necessary steps for withdrawing your winnings. So, it’s important to consider how long this will take. This includes wagering requirements, the KYC process and payout times.

How to claim no deposit bonus codes

If a bonus code is required, you will see it listed next to our list of top no deposit offers. Entering a no deposit bonus code adds another step to the bonus-claiming procedure. But it’s not that difficult. Here, we’ve broken down the entire process to get you up and running:

1️⃣ Register your online casino account

Hit the ‘Play’ button next to the offer that appeals to you. This will take you directly to the registration page. Fill in all the required details – it should take less than a minute.

2️⃣ Enter the bonus code in the required field

You can copy any no deposit bonus codes directly from our offers. Then, in the bonus code field, paste it directly. This will save you from accidentally making a typo or error.

3️⃣ Finish signing up by verifying your account

You’ll need to verify your account before starting. This normally requires clicking a link sent to you via email or SMS text message. Clicking also takes you back to the casino.

4️⃣ Receive your no deposit bonus and free spins

Once you’ve completed the first three steps, your no deposit bonus and/or free spins will be ready for you. If you don’t see them, however, message the customer support team.

5️⃣ Play your favourite online casino games

With your bonus credit and/or free spins on your account, you’re ready to play casino games. So, head to the slot games page and select the one that is eligible to start playing.

No deposit bonus codes for existing players

Many people ask if there are no deposit bonus codes for existing players. And the answer is yes, sometimes, maybe. It all depends on the UK online casino. One way of finding out is to visit the casino promotions page. Any bonus codes needed should be included right next to the offers. Failing that, you can always get in touch with the customer support team to ask about available bonus codes. And don’t be afraid to be cheeky. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

No deposit bonus terms and conditions

Just before you go ahead and claim your first no deposit bonus, we would be remiss not to explain the main T&Cs. Here are some of the things you should keep an eye on each time…

Eligible casino games and bonus win caps

This is obvious but some UK players may be disappointed if their favourite casino games aren’t on the list. When it comes to no deposit bonuses for live casino games, check that you can play on any table. After all, you won’t want to use your bonus money on any old title.

Time limits at no deposit bonus casinos

As we mentioned above, time limits might apply to some no deposit offers at UK online casinos. You might, for example, only have 24 hours or it might be 30 days. But once the time limit is reached, your no deposit bonus or free spins will be deemed inactive and cancelled.

Max bet limits for casino slots and games

An online casino has to play it safe when it comes to handing out a no deposit casino bonus. Otherwise, a player could end up winning a huge sum of money without even making a min deposit. Therefore, your free cash funds or free bonus spins will have a max bet limitation.

Wagering requirements at no deposit casinos

In order to withdraw your bonus winnings, you will usually need to complete some wagering requirements. But not all are created equal. Bonus wagering could apply to only bonus funds while most will apply to bonus winnings. So, be sure to check the wagering requirements!

Card details required at no deposit casinos

It might sound like a rouse, but some UK online casinos require you to make a deposit before withdrawing your no deposit bonus win amount. This is not to rip you off. Instead, it is done to ensure that you can prove your identity, have access to a payment method, complete valid debit card verification, and are of age. The UK Gambling Commission ensures that all casinos follow strict guidelines to protect players.

The latest UK online casino news


UK players looking for no deposit casinos will find a decent selection of options. In fact, you can find plenty of recommended no deposit casinos at the top of this page. Next to each listing for top no deposit casinos in the UK is our expert review. Going through those will give you a good idea of the key features you need. And, rest assured, we only recommend sites licensed by the UKGC. So, read our reviews, choose the best no deposit bonus and play your free spins!

No Deposit Casino Bonus FAQ

Why should I claim a no deposit bonus?

In many respects, why wouldn't you claim a no deposit casino bonus? Of course, there are usually some very high wagering requirements attached but you don't have to complete them if the bonus wins aren't high enough to make it worthwhile. But, why not try for bonus wins?

Who qualifies for no deposit offers?

You will need to be over the age of 18 and signed up at a UK online casino to qualify for a free bonus. But you can do the latter easily enough. Then, after registration is complete, you can claim no deposit bonus spins or an alternative free bonus from a United Kingdom casino.

Can I claim a free welcome bonus in the UK?

Yes, plenty of new UK customers are able to claim no deposit spins or bonus cash as part of a welcome bonus. However, most welcome bonuses require a minimum deposit at a UK casino. Therefore, it's more than likely to be called a sign up bonus rather than a welcome bonus.

Can I get free spins no wagering in the UK?

Sure. You'll be able to pick up something like 20 free spins or even 50 free spins for top slot games like Book of Dead or Gonzo's Quest pretty easily. In fact, this is one of the main ways in which UK online casinos attract new players. Have a look at deals on this page for more info.

What are wagering requirements?

Essentially, they are playthrough requirements at online casino sites. So, if you see bonus wagering of 35x, you'll need to play through your bonus amount 35 times. Note that you must wager, not spend. So, it's perfectly possible to win real money while completing wagering.

Can I withdraw my no deposit bonus?

Usually, you cannot withdraw your bonus credit directly. Nor can you instantly withdraw your bonus winnings. Instead, you will more than likely be asked to complete bonus wagering before being able to withdraw your winnings. Free cash isn't really a thing at casino sites.

Can I claim a no deposit deal on mobile?

Yes, there's no reason why you can't pick up no deposit offers from your mobile phone or tablet. This might be only bonus funds or it might be a free spins bonus. Either way, there is essentially no difference between a regular online casino and a mobile casino site.

Are UK no deposit casinos safe and secure?

Yes, so long as the online casino for UK players is licensed by the UKGC, you shouldn't have any concerns over safety and security. The UKGC ensures that all no deposit casinos are run by the book, that player's money is protected and that complaints are resolved quickly.

Do I need a new account at a no deposit casino?

Most no deposit casino bonuses do require you to register and verify a new account. Some even require that you go through a valid debit card verification, too. However, some UK online casinos also have no deposit offers for existing players too – sometimes with bonus codes.

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