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Privacy policy

Any time you use the website “( (UK site)”, it can automatically have access to some of your personalised details. This is done so you can have a wonderful experience as you go through the website.

We process the personalised details we get from you, but we also see to it that we do this as transparently as possible and it is done legally and lawfully. In this Privacy Policy (“the policy”), we will explain extensively how we handle and process your personalised details on this website.

The original language in which this policy is written is English. However, depending on the circumstances, it can be translated into a different language. While interpreting the translated version, where a dispute arises between the translated form and the original, the English form takes priority. The (UK site) can also decide to modify this policy at any time and the changes become operative as soon as they are published.

Some examples of the personalised details that we have access to include:

First name
Other names
Email address
Contact address
Opt-in consent
Log files
Device details
Other cookies with your personalised details


There are several reasons why we need access to your personalised details for processing. They are given below:

Before you can explore the services and products we offer on our website, the first requirement for you as a user is to give us consent to access and process your personalised details. You must fill out the consent form on the website the first time that you try to visit the website. You will not be able to make use of the website if you do not fill out the form and permit us to access your personalised details. The details we collect help us understand your behavioural pattern on the website. These patterns include the kind of content you like which we determine from the pages you open often, the time you spend on these pages, and your IP address.

One of the reasons your IP address is a very important detail that is needed is to help us identify the region you are located in. If the region is one where gambling is illegal, we can promptly block your access to the site. Having your IP address also helps us monitor the activities of a particular user and analyse the situation where there is a change in the user’s behavioural pattern. The analysis of this can help us forestall any foreseeable threat of cyberattacks.

We only make use of your personalised details for the purposes and required specifications explained above.

Legal grounds

Part of our legal duty is to educate you on the legality of the processing which we do on your personalised details. They can be found below:

This can be referred to as the automated process we use to classify our user’s personalised details which we have obtained to predict certain behavioural patterns relating to them. We also use this to analyse their preferences, health, interests, location, et cetera to enable us to display relevant content to them when they visit the website.

The profiling begins the moment you give your consent for us to access your details after you visit our website. The effect of this profiling is a rise in the targeted adverts you would be presented with. These targeted adverts will not only be on our website, but you will also see them on third-party sites like Facebook or other social media sites. Also, the frequency in which you see these adverts will be increased.

Another function of profiling is that it influences the kind of offers that will be presented to you. Certain of the offers on the website are inspired based on certain locations, and with the stored data we have gotten over a period we are able to send these offers to users in the targeted location with similar interests based on their searches over time.

How your personalised details are obtained

The personalised details of a user are gotten upon their first and continuous visit to the website. Personalised details can also be obtained when the user interacts with the website indirectly by visiting other third-party sites. We also get your personalised details if you have subscribed to our letters by being on our mailing list. Indirectly, we have access to your personalised details through Facebook and other social media sites which you use to interact with us.

When you register as our user and give consent for us to access your details, we then receive the necessary details we need. Where the details are gotten from Facebook, they are seen and represent our data processor or third party. We only receive your personalised details listed in our privacy policy. They do not share any other details with us. The details we have access to are those you have freely and willingly given us access to when you signed the consent form on our website.

Business partners

Transmission of personalised details

We have to transfer your personalised details to an external party based on your request. We can also transmit your personalised details if it is required by Law.

Data processors

The website uses independent companies as data processors. The companies are mentioned below:

Tumblr INC (Automatic)
Reddit INC
Ontraport LTD
Google LLC
Digital Ocean LLC
Meta Platforms Ireland LTD
Ongage LTD Amazon INC
Pinterest INC
Twitter INC
Microsoft INC
LinkedIn INC
Sendgrid LTD
Cloudflare INC

Transfer of data to other countries

There are certain times in the handling of your personalised details when we have to send your details to other companies not domiciled in the EU or EEA.

The companies are mostly in the USA and they are listed below:

According to the EU, the US does not have enough personalised data security measures. However, the companies we affiliate with listed above have been declared safe areas when they became part of the European Union-United States of America Privacy Shield Agreement.

Retaining and deletion of personalised details

The website has a retention policy of 5 years. All Log files and personalised details are stored for 5 years after which they are subsequently deleted.

The user’s personalised details that we keep are only kept for as long as it takes to fulfil the purpose we got it for. The only exception to this is when we are obligated by law to keep such details for longer. An example of such a legal obligation is the requirement to keep accountancy and financial records for 5 years starting from the current year.

Rights of users

Users have several rights and they can be exercised at any time. To exercise them, users are required to reach out to us through our contact information as described in this policy.


We try to resolve user-related issues as fast and efficiently as possible, and users can reach us by completing a Contact Form that is found on our website. For more information on this kindly go through the menu titled “Contact Us” on the website.

It is our pleasure to resolve issues you encounter when using the website, however, you may also decide to report the issues to a local authority that has jurisdiction over how we use your personalised details or the issues you encounter.

The original language in which this cookie policy is written is English. However, depending on the circumstances, it can be translated into a different language. While interpreting the translated version, where a dispute arises between the translated form and the original, the English form takes priority. The (UK site) can also decide to modify this policy at any time and the changes become operative as soon as they are published.

What are cookies?

They are small text files that are saved by a website on your device (smartphones, computers, etc.) when you visit the website. The cookies are created when you visit the website using the browser. They store several details like your IP address, location, your preferred language, et cetera. This information allows the website to present to you content that has been customised to fit your needs. Cookies do not contain viruses or any other malicious code rather they help the website function properly. There are several types of cookies that we make use of while operating our website.

Using the website shows that you accept the use of cookies both internal and third-party cookies, but this does not stop you from deleting or blocking the cookies anytime you want.

However, when cookies are blocked or deleted, the functionality of the website is tampered with. As a result of this, the website may not function as it ought to and the user may not be able to access certain contents. When you block or delete cookies, pre-save information on your preferences housed by the cookies will also be deleted thereby causing you to be presented with adverts and campaigns that will be of no interest to you with high frequency.

As with several other websites, we use Log files. These Log files are automatically generated by the website for its use. Cookies are stored in Log files on our systems. The data saved in the Log files are shown below:

  1. Frequently visited pages
  2. IP Address to know the user’s Location
  3. The average time the user visits and spends on the website

The Log files aid in knowing the amount of traffic that is generated by our website from various locations. Although they do not give us the exact location of a user, we can get details on the geographical location like the town or city a user is visiting our website from. This information is gotten from the IP Address saved on the Log files.

These Log files also help in the monitoring of our cybersecurity measures that have been put in place. This is because we constantly monitor the IP Addresses for any unusual activity which may be a signal of a cybersecurity breach on our website. Unusual activities could represent an unauthorised person, possibly a hacker trying to access our systems.

Log files are retained for 5 years alongside the information they contain. After 5 years all the information is permanently deleted. To further understand the processing of your personalised details, please read the website’s privacy policy.

Uses of cookies

Listed below are how we make use of cookies on our website:

  1. To properly understand and record the behavioural patterns of users
  2. To enhance our marketing strategies
  3. To ensure the optimal functioning of our website
  4. To effectively monitor our business partners

Further details on the above can be found below:

Our cookies

We make use of certain cookies on our website, and they are:

Cloudflare Cloudflare These are mostly security cookies that we use to protect and improve the security measures we carry out on the website. The cookies also help improve and speed up loading time.
Google Analytics Google These are the cookies that help with the analysis of your visits to the website. They provide us with your personalised details like the frequently visited pages, time spent, et cetera.

Cookie retention

Cookies are stored based on their type.

Session cookies: They are cookies that only last for a session. A session starts when you log in to the website and ends when you leave the website or close your browser.

Permanent cookies: They are cookies stored on a user’s hard drive until it expires or until the user deletes the cookie. The cookies are retained and stored for a longer period and can be preset with an expiration date. We use them to collect identifying information about the user, such as the browsing behaviour of the user, Language preferences, Menu preferences, and other preferences of the user on the website. The cookies provide the users with convenient and rapid access to familiar objects, which enhances the user’s experience (UX).

Flow cookies: They are cookies used by us as owners of the website to communicate with our internal servers when a user is on the website. They are stored on the website to aid our communication with our servers.

Third-party cookies: They are cookies that are set up by a different website but placed on our website. We use them to interact with third-party servers and they are usually retained for a period between 4 to 6 months. Some third parties that we make use of their cookies include Facebook, Google, and other social media pages.

Methods of avoiding cookies

Cookies can be deleted at any time. The user has the right to delete the cookies that have been saved on your device. You can do this when you round up every session on the website or after a certain period. To avoid deleting cookies after every session, you can set your device to automatically disable cookies. You will be notified if the device tries to save a cookie anytime you are on the website.

More information

For more information about the website, please see the Terms and conditions and the Advertising disclosure documents.

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