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This advertising disclosure is used to inform our users about the ways we make money on the website while still providing free services to them. The advertising policy is open and transparent as we state facts that are unbiased on how we get commissions. This is also to inform our users that the information we put on our website about gaming platforms in our articles is unbiased and based on facts. This advertising disclosure discusses this topic further and has been simplified and made easily understandable.

We allow third-party sites, sometimes called affiliates, to advertise their services on our website. However, we do not let these adverts interrupt or influence the unbiased nature of our articles. We streamline the adverts so users can see them whenever they interact with the website or read articles. Also, our articles are in no way affected by these adverts, nor their designs or contents. This just proves that our adverts are independent of our editorial content giving users the freedom to fully enjoy and explore our website.

How we make money

We have already stated that our services provided on the website are free for the users however we still need money to run the website, pay employees, et cetera. Therefore to make money, we reach partnership agreements with organisations and affiliate links that are willing to pay a fee or commission for us to advertise their services on our website. The kind of agreements we have with each advertiser is different depending on the arrangement we have with them and this affects how we display their adverts on our website.

Our users take priority and, because of this, we aim to always ensure they have the best experience when they use our services. We do let third-party adverts disrupt the services we provide to them on our website.

We are independent and transparent in our services and, as a result, we do not share false information particularly when it comes to casino reviews or recommendations, casino comparison lists, and all our other articles. Further information on our advertising and partnership agreements is written below:


In running our website, we have established affiliate and business partnerships with different online gaming companies. These companies advertise on our website and when our user sees the ads and visits their page by clicking their link on our website, they pay us a commission. The adverts are placed strategically on our website and are easily accessible to users. Our agreements vary according to different partners because we have different terms and conditions with various partners. However, all of them pay a commission or fee before we feature their ads or links on our website.

Comparison lists

We display lists of gaming pages that we partner with as affiliates on the GamblingAuthority website. Users can click the links on the website to visit those pages. The lists presented to every user are unique as they are displayed to the user based on their pre-saved preferences or history on the website.

For example, a user may want to visit sites that make use of specific financial services when placing bets. We know this based on their search history. So, when displaying adverts, we would majorly show ads that align with the user’s preferred mode of payment.

However, the listing and frequency in which we display the affiliate links on our website depend on the advertising agreement we have with them. It does not mean that users will be shown badly rated affiliates. Instead, it simply means that they will be shown affiliate links that pay high more frequently, as long as they are relevant to the user’s search history and preferences. Please note, that the lists or affiliates do not have any impact or influence on the articles we write or any of our editorial contents.

Spot positions

On the lists of affiliates that are shown to users, certain spots are sold. They are sold to our affiliates and we get a fixed amount for them. These spots are prominently tagged as “sponsored” so that users know that they are fixed spots. From these sold spots, we get our payment whether or not a user decides to click on the link from our website.

Advertising disclosure – conclusion

Users must be aware that we collect commissions and fees on this website. This has been fully explained in our advertising disclosure policy above. This is so we can meet our financial obligations to enable us to continue providing users with free services on our website. Our affiliate partners do not influence the services we render to our users. Even though we earn a commission from them, we are fully independent and impartial in the information and opinions we provide to our users. The money we get from them is to enable us to continue to provide users with free services and a great user experience on the website.

Advertising Disclosure FAQ

How does the website make money?

The website makes money from fees and commissions paid by our business partners who advertise on our website. We get paid when a user on our website clicks an affiliate link and visits that page. The user does not make any payment to us but rather it is the owner of the affiliate link who pays us a commission. It is this commission we use to make upgrades on our website, pay our staff salaries, and generally keep the website running.

Does the website get money from comparison lists?

We do. As a result of the different agreements we have with different advert partners, the frequency in which we feature them on our website is also different. We feature them on our comparison lists and, on our website, based on what they can afford to pay as fees or commissions.

Are your casino comparisons impartial?

Yes. The comparisons we make are unbiased. The external adverts have no influence on our articles. This includes the comparisons, reviews, et cetera. Our users are guaranteed that the services we render are our honest opinions on whatever services they access on the website.

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