How to Cheat on Slot Machines?

How to Cheat on Slot Machines
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Just about any gambler who has ever taken a spin on a slot machine will have thought of how to cheat the game. While it may be tempting to take some steps that can alter a machine, this is something that can come with serious consequences. At GamblingAuthority, we do not condone or recommend any type of cheating, but we do understand that players are fascinated by the possibility of beating the house by cheating the slots.

Many players have studied these games and have used different methods to try to scam casinos and make the slots work in their favour. Here, players can learn about some of the ways others have tried to hack slot machines using a variety of methods. Most methods that were used for cheating are outdated. Today, casinos have security cameras that watch every move that is made on the casino floor, but even that may not stop greedy gamblers from making some attempts.

It can be quite interesting to read about some of the popular hacks that have been used when playing slot machines. While these may sound tempting, players need to be aware that cheating at any slot game in a casino will have a negative outcome. There are high chances of getting caught and even being banned from a brick-and-mortar casino.

Instead of trying to use a slot machine cheat device, it is better to play a slot game for entertainment and enjoy the payouts that are earned. Hacks and cheats may sound fun, but the jail time that comes along with them will definitely start a losing streak!

Shaved Coins and Fake Coins

The old classic slot machines that accepted physical coins were easier to hack than any game that is available today. Many gamblers in the past have used shaved coins or fake coins, known as slugs, to trick the sensor on the machine into thinking that a legitimate coin was used. Coins are accepted by the mechanical slot machine based on weight and size.

Gamblers who were looking to cheat games and get free spins on slots would create coins using various metallic materials to replicate a legitimate coin. This hack was successful for many years until games started being developed with enhanced scanning technologies to identify any coin switch hack.

Magnets and Light Wands

Before slot games were all computerised, it was possible to use a strong magnet to alter the outcome. Old classic machines were made of metal and positioning a magnet would slow the reels and allow players to create a winning combination. The games that are found at casinos today do not have the same metal fabrication. These games are high-tech and rely on computer chips and random number generators that eliminate the use of the magnet hack.

A light wand is also an object that players have used in the past to beat the house. Using this device, the sensors in the game are tricked. Users will place the tip of the light wand in the coin slot and flash that slot sensor with lights. The light wand can confuse the sensor and make the game dispense money even when no payout was earned.

Monkey Paws and Bill Validator Devices

The Monkey Paw was a simple hack that was used in some casinos and it involved using a piece of bent metal with a wire attached. Players would enter that device into the payout chute on the slot to trigger the payout mechanism.

A bill validator device was a bit more complex. Cheaters would make alterations to smaller bills to mask them as being a different denomination. This allowed gamblers to make a machine think $100 was inserted when it was just $1.

Top-Bottom Joints and Piano Wires

Top-bottom joints is an old hack that was often used in casinos during the late 70s and 80s. A metal rod was inserted into the coin slot while forcing cheat wires up inside. It was similar to the Monkey Paw hack. The process caused the machine to jam and all the coins held in the hopper would be released.

Piano wires were not as common. In fact, there were only a few that tried to use this method. To do so, the slot machine would have to be opened and a piano wire would be attached to any moving parts. These wires could then control the reels and cause slot jackpots to be hit. Some players even used a guitar string.

Sources Codes

When dealing with new slot machines and online slot machines, the mechanical and metal parts are no longer being used. Instead, games are controlled using computer software that makes use of a variety of codes to provide a random result. Each slot is designed with a source code that would allow suppliers and casinos to monitor all results. In the 1990s, a hacker in Las Vegas used those source codes to force a game to pay high rewards. With enhanced security measures and high-tech preventative equipment, it is impossible to use a source code to alter a game.

Software glitches

Software glitches can be used for many benefits and when playing computer-programmed slot machines, these glitches can be a way to win. Professional cheaters have looked for glitches to exploit online casinos. Enhanced games now have better programming and also have things that will detect a glitch in the earliest stages.

The slots cheats listed above are illegal and can result in hefty fines and even jail time. We never condone any form of cheating, but there are some slot machine cheats that can be used by players today that are 100% legal. By learning these, the chances of winning will be increased. There is no guaranteed profit and this is not a form of stealing or cheating a casino, but simply a means to boost the possibilities of winning.

Take Advantage of Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots can offer huge wins, but these slots can be difficult to choose. The best option is to select a game that has the best base game payouts and the lowest maximum bet required for the jackpot to be triggered. When playing modern slots, watch for titles that have a random jackpot, which can be won with any spin on the game and no max bet is required.

Choose High RTP Slots

Online slots are all tested for fairness and many online casinos provide a list of verified RTPs. These are collected when independent companies audit games and test the random number generator. By taking time to compare game return percentages, players can choose those with a high RTP and have a greater chance of receiving payouts.

Play with Free Spins

Using free spins that are offered as a bonus at an online casino is one of the best ways to play slots. Free spin bonuses are common and can be found as part of a welcome offer or a standalone bonus. With these, players are awarded a number of spins that can be played on select slot games and real money payouts can be generated.

Maximise Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs provide a great way for players to receive additional funds and even free spins. By taking advantage of these programs, it is possible for players to receive exclusive bis deals that allow them to play more slot selections. In addition to getting free bonus cash and spins, many of the best programs also offer cashback bonuses on losses, so this is a great way to enjoy some online slots.

Find Loose Slot Machines

When playing in a land casino, loose slot machines are what to look for. Many casinos will place these machines at the end of aisles, near elevators, and near main entrances. This is done to attract players who may not regularly play slot selections. These games payout more frequently and for larger amounts. The positioning of these games may vary at each casino, so players can even ask employees if they know what games are loose.

How to Spot Cheating Slot Machines: Signs to Look For

As a player at a land casino, there are some ways to see if slot games are being cheated. The best thing to do is take some time walking the casino floor to watch how players are interacting with games and reacting to outcomes. There are some red flags that can indicate that a player is trying to cheat at slots. Here, one can learn about the different signs to watch for when selecting slots.

Machine Malfunctions

Slot machines that have frequent malfunctions may have been tampered with. A past player may have tried one of the older hacks to cheat a slot machine, triggering the malfunction alert. These games will be attended to by casino employees and the machine will be reset to its proper function.

Unusual Payouts

When watching other players, watch for any unusual payouts. Games that pay frequently or machines that offer large wins on a regular basis are slots to watch. When possible, try to play these games after someone has gotten up. While there is no guarantee, the unusual payouts may indicate a cheating slot.

Suspicious Behaviour from Other Players

The behaviour of a player can be a huge red flag. Those who are always looking around and trying to spot cameras or casino employees may be up to no good. These players are often nervous about what they will be doing to cheat the game and they can stick out quite well.

Obvious Tampering with the Machine

An easy way to spot a cheating slot is to look for physical tampering. Doors may be ajar or show signs of pry marks where others may have tried to release the lock. Anything that is stuck in a bill slot or any other opening will be a sign of tampering.

The Risks of Cheating at Slot Machines: Why It’s Not Worth It

Cheating at slots or any other casino games will come with some severe penalties. Before one even considers trying their hand at cheating, be aware of the possible fines and penalties that will follow.

Legal Consequences

Those who are caught cheating will have some legal issues. Casinos will contact local authorities and in most cases, players who are tampering with games will be arrested.

Damage to Reputation

Any player that frequents a casino and has a reputation will mar that reputation if they are a suspected cheater. This often is the case with those who play card and table games. Some players play so much that dealers know them well. By engaging in cheating, a player will develop a bad reputation and will be on the casino security’s radar.

Potential Losses Outweigh Gains

Cheating very rarely turns out to be a success for players. Most will spend time and money trying to figure out how they can beat the house by using hacks or other methods. The loss will far outweigh the gain. Even if a hack is successful and money is gotten, the chances of being caught are so high that the cons seldom outweigh and pros.

Conclusion – Slot Machine Cheats

As tempting as it may be to cheat at slots using the methods that have been mentioned, casinos are always watching how players act, where in the casino they visit, and what games are being played. Any player that has a run of luck will attract the attention of casino managers.

With advanced technology being used at a land-based casino, online casino sites, and even on mobile phones, it is practically impossible for players to engage in any behaviours that would cheat the casino or any particular game. Slot machine cheats may sound appealing, but the action can lead to severe consequences, financially and legally.

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