How No Risk Matched Betting Works?

A guide to no risk matched betting
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Many online bettors are looking for ways to place wagers with the lowest risk involved. With no risk matched betting, one can place wagers on sporting events and enjoy guaranteed profits. This type of betting is also referred to as no risk betting and is one of the most popular ways to get started at leading sportsbooks. By making use of free bets or various promotions, bettors can enjoy placing bets with zero risk and can still enjoy the matched betting profits that are earned!

This betting technique is widely used online and while there are small risks involved, it is generally one of the safest ways to wager without losing money. Here, bettors can learn more about how matched betting works and how to get started at a safe and secure betting exchange using free bet offers.

What is matched betting and how does it work?

Matched betting has become one of the most popular ways to place sports bets in the UK. It is a simple process that uses strategy to place bets on a sports event while allowing for a win no matter the result. The way this is done is by using free bet offers that are featured at a betting exchange. Unlike other forms of betting, matched bets do not involve gambling, but focus solely on mathematics.

To start the process, bettors will search for a reputable betting site or exchange. Always make sure the site is operating with a valid license and has a positive reputation. One will then look for free bet offers, or a sign-up bonus. The betting works by eliminating the risk of a back bet at an online sportsbook by laying a bet at an exchange.

In essence, punters will be matching the bet by first betting at a sportsbook. Then, select an exchange and match that bet by betting against the initial wager. By placing opposing bets, one to win and one to lose, there is no risk and profits can be made. Keep in mind that the first bet placed at a sportsbook will require a deposit to qualify for the free bet offer.

Once the first set of back and lay bets have been placed, repeat the process, this time using the free bet offer. This way, bonus funds are being risked as bets are placed using promotional funds, providing a way to earn profits!

No Risk Matched Betting

Risk free betting is a perfect way to start earning some profits from betting online. While large returns will not be earned, this process is a simple way to begin boosting the bankroll with no additional risks like those involved with traditional sports betting. As a new bettor, this may all sound a bit complicated. However, by taking a look at the example we provide below, one can see just how easy it is to take advantage of a free bet offer and use them to generate profits.

Example of no risk matched betting

For an easier understanding of how matched betting works, we will provide an example using Leicester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers from the Premier League.

1️⃣ Find an online sportsbook that has a good sign-up bonus that is a free bet deal and create a bookmaker account

2️⃣ Place the first bet at the sportsbook for either Leicester City or Wolves to win

3️⃣ This bet will now activate the welcome bonus and a matched bet will be instantly credited to the account

4️⃣ If using the bookmaker’s free bet, that first bet must be settled. Punters will want a loss so that the site will offer a 100% match of the lost funds in bonus funds.

5️⃣ Now visit an online exchange website and place the opposite bet. For example, if you bet that Wolves will win with the bookie, bet they will lose at an exchange.

6️⃣ Make sure that the bets have similar odds and stakes so that no money is lost no matter what happens. If done correctly, punters can then use the bonus credits to bet again without having to risk any money.

Most sportsbooks will require a qualifying bet to trigger the bonus, so be sure to know the minimum bet required as well as the minimum odds. Once the first bet has been settled, the bonus will be credited to the account. This bonus money can now be used to place another back bet at the site at no cost.

Matched Betting for Beginners

Ready to get in on the thrills and start matched betting to begin earning profits? It is relatively simple to get started. Bettors should know that they will need funds to add to the accounts to begin the process. While a minimum deposit can be used, this will lower the overall returns, so it is best to deposit and bet the maximum amount based on promotional terms.

The first thing to do is to open accounts with a trusted bookie as well as a sports betting exchange. Both accounts will be used to generate a profit from matched betting. Be sure to place a qualifying bet when making use of any free bets, so check the terms for required odds and any excluded sports.

With a free bet offer, that first wager will be what is used to collect bonus funds. Any bet can be placed. The idea is to earn bonus funds by losing that first bet and receiving the free bet offer. Once this is done, matched bets can be placed using the bonus funds so there is no risk. By match betting, one will bet on the same sport and event to win at a bookie and lose at an exchange, or vice versa.

While the concept of matched betting may sound overwhelming, it is quite simple. To make things even easier, there are many sites that offer calculators that can be used. With these, bettors can get information on how much the back bet and lay bet should be and what the profit will be. His simplifies things even more and allows even the newest bettor to start taking advantage of free bets and earn profits.

Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges will be required for anyone that wants to start placing matched bets. These websites are the only option for placing a lay bet, which is required to make a matched bet work. These exchanges are platforms where one can trade on an outcome of an event. Unlike with a bookmaker, these platforms will allow bettors to bet against each other instead of the bookie. This means that odds can be set for events instead of having set odds as one would find with a sportsbook.

Those that are new to betting may find these exchanges to be overwhelming and confusing. Once punters understand how they work, they will find there are many opportunities to take advantage of increased values by either locking in a profit or getting better odds. It is similar to trading on a stock exchange, where one will back or lay money on event outcomes.

Using a betting exchange is not as difficult as one would think. It is basically the act of betting against other bettors. For example, if you believe one team will win and another person thinks that team would lose, you would bet against each other and there will be one winner based on the result of the game.

Different things to consider when attempting risk free matched betting

Guaranteed profits sound very appealing, but matched betting is not for everyone. Before redeeming any offers from a bookie or any online exchange, be sure to know all of the pros and cons of this type of sports betting. The goal is to make the best use of a free bet that is being offered online.

Pros of Matched Betting

There are many benefits to placing wagers using free bet offers. As a betting enthusiast, this form of wagering is able to produce profits no matter what the outcome of a game is. In fact, payouts have nothing to do with the game at all. It is all about math and making sure to place back and lay bets to generate returns. Here, bettors can take a look at some of the advantages.

💚 Tax-Free Profits – The amount that is won from these bets will be tax-free.

💚 High Earnings Possible – There is the opportunity to make a lot of money, especially when making use of multiple bonuses. Leading betting sites and exchanges will always have deals for loyal customers, so there are many ways to get free bets and promos that offer free funds.

💚 Minimal Effort – Once bettors become familiar with the process, placing these bets is a fast and easy way to start earning money.

Matched Betting Drawbacks

While there are amazing perks to matched betting online, there are also some drawbacks. As someone new to sports wagering, it is important to be aware of the cons associated with this type of wagering.

💔 Difficult to Understand – Understanding the concept is one of the major drawbacks, especially for new bettors. Making use of free guides will make the process much easier and there are even betting sites that offer support teams that can provide additional assistance.

💔 Earnings Will Depend on Offers – The profits earned will come from the promotions that are offered. If one has signed up at a site that does not have frequent offers for existing customers, there will be no way to make money.

💔 Money is Required – One will have to spend money to make money, it’s that simple. Bets for and against an outcome will be required. When betting against, or placing a lay bet, bettors will be acting like a bookmaker and will have to pay if the bet loses. Money is also required to take advantage of the free bets or bonus offers. A qualifying deposit and bet are needed to redeem offers so that free bets can be placed to generate profits.

💔 Not Completely Risk Free – As a beginner, making mistakes will be common, so some money may be lost. This is normal and with a bit of practice and patience, bettors are able to recoup these losses and make additional money.

Backing & Laying Bets

Back bets and lay bets are what matched betting is based on. It will not be possible to engage in matched bets unless an exchange is being used to allow for the lay bet to be placed. The great thing about this type of wagering is that customers do not have to be overly familiar with betting terms. There are just two important terms to understand. Customers do not even have to have knowledge of odds, statistics, or any in-depth analysis of a team or player to benefit from these bets.

To start matched betting, an account with a sportsbook, as well as a betting exchange, is required. The exchange is the only way a lay bet can be placed. The bonus money or free bet from the sportsbook will be used to place the first bet and one will then place a bet against that initial wager at the exchange. The way to make the most money is to find the highest odds for the back and lay bets and to always use the best-matched betting site known for providing frequent free bet promotions.

A ‘back’ bet

A back bet is one that most bettors will be familiar with this type of betting is done when accessing a traditional sportsbook. When placing a bet on any of the listed events, bettors will be backing an outcome while the bookmaker will be laying that same bet. If the bet wins, bettors will receive a payout and if it loses, the sportsbook will keep the bet amount.

Back bets are very common and it is the type of bet that is always placed when wagering at an online sportsbook. Basically, punters will be netting for an outcome. A winning bet will yield the bet amount times the listed odds.

A ‘lay’ bet

The lay bet is essential to making sure matched betting works and can be done at leading betting exchanges. A lay bet refers to betting against an outcome. Punters will be placing wagers on something that will not happen. For example, placing a lay bet on Manchester United outright will mean that one is betting that the team will not win. Lay bets are often placed on favourites. If one believes that a team will get knocked out of a competition early, placing a lay bet is a good choice. This means that the bet covers any other team that wins.

Free Bet offers

A free bet is a type of promotion that is often featured at bookies. These are usually welcome offers where the site will credit the account once a qualifying deposit has been made. Some websites do not even require a deposit for a free bet. If possible, watch for these sites as this provides a great way to get started and one can quickly start to wager and begin earning payouts. With a free bet, the outcome of the initial wager does not matter. The inky thing required is that initial deposit. Some free bets are for a set amount while others are a match bonus. When choosing a match offer, watch for those that have the highest possible value.

Risk Free Bet

A risk free bet is similar, but there are a few differences. They are typically designed to attract new bettors and get them to make a deposit and use their own money to place the initial wager. Risk free bet offers are often worth more than a standard free bet deal. When looking for great matched betting offers, be sure to watch for online websites that have a high risk-free bet promotion available. This will allow bettors to earn the most profit since they will be betting with larger amounts of money.

To benefit from a risk free bet bonus, one will have to place an initial wager. If that bet wins, they will keep the profits. If the bet loses, the website will issue the risk free bet amount and this can then be used to place an additional wager which can be beneficial when engaging in matched betting. Bettors can use the free funds to place a bet at the sportsbook and they pay for the bet at an exchange. The end result will be a profit no matter what happens since the sportsbook bet was free to place.

Whether using a free bet or a risk free offer, the bonus funds can be used to start matched betting at a sportsbook and an exchange. The key to being a successful matched bettor is finding the best-paying bonuses and making sure that the selected sites also offer ongoing promotions.

Expected Value Betting

As a sports bettor, it is important to understand what expected value means and how it can impact the betting experience. This value is a way to measure the gap between the bettor’s expectations of winning and the bookies’. Sportsbooks will use betting limes to offer probability and these will be seen on all types of bets, including moneylines, totals, point spreads, and more. Using this system, the line number will be increased as the chances of winning decrease and vice versa.

Expected value plays a pivotal role in all types of sports betting, including matched betting. By taking time to compare bets by using expected value, one can have an advantage over others and it is one way to have an edge against a sportsbook. With expected value betting, bettors will have a better idea of how much they can win or lose when placing each bet with the same odds multiple times. A positive expected value will indicate a profit can be earned while a negative represents a loss.

No sports knowledge required

Those who are new to sports betting may want to focus on mastering expected value betting. When using this, limited knowledge of sports is needed. Someone with a complete understanding of EV can actually profit more than those that have knowledge of sports but do not know how expected value works.

To determine the expected value for any sports bet, take the probability of winning and multiply that by the amount that could be won. Then subtract the losing probability times the possible amount that may be lost. Many sportsbooks will offer a tool that can use this formula and do the match, providing bettors with the information they need for successful EV betting.

Final say on risk free matched betting

By using this technique, matched betting profits can be earned. When starting out, the profits will be small but will increase as larger promotions are offered. The best way to earn profits is to sign up at multiple sportsbooks. This will allow one to take advantage of different bonuses and place multiple bets. This will require time and dedication, but with some practice, anyone can start enjoying the benefits of matched betting and start to bots the bankroll!

When using any risk free bets or bonuses, always take time to read the conditions at the site. These include important details on how to complete the offer and will also list the odds required. By making sure to place a qualifying bet, new bettors will have no problem redeeming these offers and can benefit from a maximum free bet offer.

With matched betting, there is no way to lose money By placing bets using bonus funds and risk free bet offers, bettors will be able to place one bet for free while paying for the lay bet at an exchange. The profits will cover and exceed the amount of the second bet and profits will start to add up.

FAQs – No Risk Matched Betting

Looking for some more details on matched betting? With our matched betting FAQs, one can find some quick answers to questions that are often asked by new bettors. Matched betting websites provide many free bets that can be used to place wagers and then bet against those selections when accessing online betting exchanges.

 Is matched betting legal?

Yes. This is 100% legal and many online operators want bettors to make use of the promotional offers that are presented. Since online betting is legal in the UK, it is easy to find operators that have great sign up offers and free bets that can be used to wager and generate profits.

What is a qualifying loss?

When using a promotional deal for a free bet, a qualifying loss is required to redeem the offer. This is the amount of money that is lost that will unlock the risk free bet offers. When placing the initial bet, when the bet loses, the site will then issue the bonus amount. This free bet can then be used to place additional bets without having to pay for the wager.

How to maximize profit with matched betting?

The goal is to make as much money as possible by using the free bet provided online. To maximize profits, it is best to place the bookmaker bet at high odds. It is also beneficial to have the largest bankroll possible. By increasing the amount of money used on bets, one will benefit from larger returns and this allows bettors to maximize the offers and make the most money. It is also important to choose matched betting websites that offer promos to existing customers.

Do gambling sites advertise no risk match betting?

There are no online gambling sites that are operating that will advertise this type of betting. Online bookmakers and exchanges want to make money and will not tell users how to use the match betting process to earn profits. This is something that must be learned using guides or by chatting with other bettors.

Which are the best risk free matched betting sites to play at?

There are many reputable sites in the gambling industry that offer top-paying bonuses that can be used when placing these bets. Some of the best sites for those from the UK include the Betfair exchange, Odds Monkey, and William Hill. All of these have great reputations in the betting industry and are known to offer fantastic promotional deals to new and returning customers.

How fast can a person learn matched betting?

Since this is a different form of betting than many are used to, it can take some time to learn the ins and outs. By accessing online guides, it is possible for one to learn how to place these bets in as little as an hour. However, a few days are often needed to master the technique and start earning profits.

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