GambleAware Responds to Allegations, Asserts Independence from Gambling Industry

GambleAware Responds to Allegations Asserts Independence from Gambling Industry
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In a period rife with controversies, GambleAware has come forward to address a complaint suggesting an uncomfortably close relationship with the gambling sector. The UK’s leading charity for preventing and treating gambling harm emphasises its independence. And it doubled down on its commitment to those it serves.

Key takeaways
  • GambleAware faces allegations from the Good Law project of being too closely associated with the gambling sector.
  • Funding concerns arise with discussions of increasing the statutory levy from 0.1% to 1%.
  • CEO Zoë Osmond refutes claims, labelling the information in the complaint as outdated and misleading.
  • Osmond stresses the importance of the charity’s services and the potential harm caused by undermining its efforts.
  • GambleAware assures its independence from the gambling industry, backed by robust governance.

GambleAware, the UK’s forefront charity in the battle against gambling-related harm, has recently found itself under scrutiny. A complaint was lodged with the Charity Commission by the Good Law Project. The complaint suggested that the charity might be too intertwined with the gambling industry. This, it was alleged, would potentially compromise its mission to aid those affected by problematic gambling.

Funding and Allegations

The heart of the controversy lies in the financial structuring of GambleAware. In particular, there are concerns over its funding derived from a statutory levy on the gambling sector. This is currently set at 0.1%. With rumours swirling about a tenfold increase in this levy, questions arise about the implications for the charity’s objectivity and integrity.

A Clear Response from Leadership

In a powerful rebuttal, GambleAware’s CEO, Zoë Osmond, voiced her concerns over these accusations’ misleading and potentially damaging nature. Osmond emphasised that the complaint lodged by the Good Law project was not only based on outdated but also misleading information, some of which dates back over a decade. She articulated the detrimental impact such accusations could have. Not just on the charity itself but on the many individuals and families it strives to support.

Independence and Impact

Osmond went further to underline the charity’s independence from the gambling industry, a status she asserts is safeguarded by strict governance and operational protocols. This independence, according to Osmond, is widely acknowledged by various stakeholders. These include the government, as evidenced in the Gambling White Paper.

The Path Forward

In her statement, Osmond didn’t just defend GambleAware against the allegations. She also made a passionate plea for an understanding of the vital role the charity plays in the lives of individuals grappling with gambling harm. Her call to action for those in need of support was clear. Osmond stated that GambleAware remains a steadfast ally, untainted by the industry it seeks to mitigate harm against.

As the conversation around gambling harm continues to evolve amidst regulatory scrutiny and societal concern, the integrity and efficacy of organisations like GambleAware are more critical than ever. The charity is committed to transparency, independence and unwavering support for affected individuals. This signifies a beacon of hope in the ongoing UK responsible gambling initiatives.

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