Online Casino Payment Methods: How payments work at UK online casinos

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Top online casinos need to support a range of safe and trusted casino payment methods, so you can withdraw and deposit funds quickly and without any hassle.

In this guide, we’ll give an overview of the best payment providers, and show you how we rank these various payment methods. Plus, we’ll highlight some important considerations when it comes to choosing which casino payment method is most suited for your needs. Let’s get started…

Online Casino Payment Methods in the UK

Of course, there isn’t a perfect casino payment method that suits every kind of player. However, some are certainly more popular with UK players than others. And with good reason. It’s all about finding the right balance for your needs. For example, some payment methods might be dead simple and very fast (such as using debit cards) but they are one of the poorest options in terms of security.

Other payment methods (like eWallets, for example) might take a bit more effort to set up initially. However, they offer secure casino deposit methods, albeit with some small fees. Then there are the outliers (such as cryptocurrency wallets) that are super secure but are by no means convenient to use – nor can they be used at online casinos licensed by the venerable UK Gambling Commission.

Therefore, we have covered every possible online casino payment method available to UK players below, with the pros and cons of each one. You’ll also find links to more detailed pages covering the ins and outs of each payment method. But before we get to that, we want to review a few criteria we use when choosing the best casino payment methods.

However, one of the payment options which can’t be recommended at all for online casinos in the UK…

Why Are Credit Cards Banned for Gambling Use in the UK?

Since 14 April 2020, credit card payments can no longer be used for gambling in the United Kingdom. The UKGC announced the change at the start of the same year. As for the reason for the decision, the UKGC cited research showing that 22% of players using credit cards for gambling sites were considered problem gamblers. And the UKGC was keen to protect vulnerable UK gamblers.

Plus, because these players were not using their own money as such, the UKGC decided to ban all credit cards and other forms of loaned money (such as PayPal Credit) for the purposes of gambling. However, debit cards provide a viable alternative for card users.

Because of the above, our credit card casinos page shows alternatives to the now-banned payment method. Be sure to check it out!

How we rate the top casino payment methods

Below, we have collected the main criteria we consider when recommending online casino payment methods. And, as you will see, your payment options as a UK casino player are vast. Therefore, it helps to understand why we recommend some options over others.

Having said all of that, each payment method has its specific advantages and disadvantages. Because of this, it’s largely up to you as to how much priority you place on each of the following casino payment methods criteria. We hope it will help you weigh everything up.

1. Minimum deposit amount

You’ll find that the minimum deposit amount at most UK online casinos is pretty much the same across the board. For example, it’s pretty standard to see a £10 minimum deposit stated in the casino or sports betting site terms and conditions. This makes UK online casinos pretty affordable for near enough any budget. And, of course, you can deposit more than that amount at any given time, too.

Having said that, it’s always worth double-checking these things. We’ve seen some sites that will accept deposits as low as £5. In fact, some deposit bonuses only require such a small casino deposit amount. Other casino sites might restrict the minimum deposit amounts to £25, depending on the payment method in question. The same thing often goes for minimum withdrawal amounts, too.

2. Fast withdrawal times

This one is vital, as far as we’re concerned. So, before opening a new online casino account, you should always check the payments page (or our online casino reviews) for information on this. After all, no one wants to wait five to 10 business days to get ahold of their casino winnings. This is why we don’t give top marks to casino withdrawal methods such as bank account transfers, for example.

Because of all the above, we think it’s essential that an online casino processes payments as fast as humanly possible. Casino withdrawal times can vary from brand to brand, of course. Sometimes, it will be instantly processed (once you’ve been fully verified – more on KYC checks below). Sometimes, it’s within a couple of hours. And, sometimes it can take up to 48 hours. So, be sure to choose wisely!

3. Additional fees and deposit charges

Depending on the specific UK online gambling site, certain payment methods may incur service fees, charges and/or other somewhat hidden costs. And it might not even end at the online casino itself. For example, PayPal sometimes charges to exchange money from one currency to another – or to withdraw money back to your bank account. Nevertheless, it’s also worth checking what the casino is adding on top, as these things can soon accumulate.

You’ll generally find that there are no fees for making a deposit. After all, an online casino wants as few barriers to making a deposit as possible. But that’s not always the case when you want to withdraw money. Fees are generally low but they are still worth considering.

4. Eligibility for online casino bonuses

This is one that sometimes trips up new online casino players. And it’s especially the case when trying to claim a welcome bonus or no deposit bonus. For example, it’s quite common to see that eWallets such as Skrill and Neteller cannot be used when claiming a bonus.

In cases like the above, we highly recommend using alternative casino payment methods for any bonuses and other promotions. You can always switch back to your preferred payment method for regular deposits later on down the line. In short, then, always read the small print (as we do when reviewing online casinos in the UK). This will ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises along the way.

Credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards

As we pointed out above, credit cards cannot be used to play at UKGC-licensed online casinos. However, the best debit card casinos more than fill that gap. Similarly, prepaid cards have no such restrictions for gambling sites in the UK. Below, then, we’ve listed some of your best bets for using debit bank cards for casino deposits (and withdrawals)…

Visa casinos

Visa is one of the most widely used payment methods in the UK – and around the world, for that matter. Therefore, if you have a UK bank account with a Visa debit card, you can start playing casino games at an online casino almost instantly. This is very handy indeed! So, in terms of getting up and running in next to no time, Visa debit cards are an excellent choice for millions of people.

Having said that, entering card details into a website involves a certain level of trust. You’ll need to ensure that your connection is encrypted with SSL or TLS technology. Also, you’ll need to trust that your data will be stored safely. But UKGC-licensed casinos have all the necessary security features in place, so you can rest assured on that front. Still, there are much safer payment methods available, as we will see.

Mastercard casinos

Mastercard debit cards are much the same as using Visa debit cards for all intents and purposes. It’s just that certain UK banks have decided to partner with Visa, while others have gone with the rival service from Mastercard. And just like Visa, you should still be careful about where you enter your card details. That’s why we only ever recommend playing at a UK casino licensed by the UKGC.

For instant deposits into your online casino account, you can’t go too far wrong with a Mastercard debit card. Just note that you don’t get the ability to do chargebacks as you do with credit cards. And sometimes, you’ll need to do a bank transfer for casino withdrawals.

Prepaid card casinos

This is an intriguing option for those who prefer the simplicity of using a debit card but want an added layer of security. This is where prepaid cards come in. These are widely available in various UK stores and petrol stations, for example. Others can be purchased and topped up online, which is super convenient. This means that you can top them up whenever you want – even while on the go from your phone.

Alternatively, you might want to consider single-use prepaid virtual cards. Using a brand new prepaid card or prepaid voucher each time gives you the ultimate security. The reason why these sometimes work better than regular card payments is that stolen prepaid card details are not linked to your bank account. Therefore, you won’t lose everything if your prepaid card details fall into the wrong hands!

Instant banking and bank wire transfers

An ultra-secure method to transfer money is to do so directly from your bank account. That’s because anyone who manages to get the details of any such transaction can only send you money, not take it. Therefore, we’d argue that it represents the most safety-conscious of all the casino payment methods available in the UK. So, if security is your chief concern, go with online bank transfers.

Having said that, there can be frustrating waiting times (depending on your bank and that of the casino). Players can use instant bank transfers for deposits, which can speed things up. But that’s not the case for withdrawals. Here are some of your bank payment options…

UK bank account transfers

You can use your UK bank account to send money to the bank account of your online casino. And you can use the same method in reverse for withdrawing your winnings, too. In fact, this is the only option if you happen to win a significant amount of money, such as on a progressive jackpot slot. That’s because the online casino will only use the safest possible option when transferring large sums.

You’ll need to get the bank details of the online casino for deposits. This can be a bit of a hassle, of course. Plus, you may need to inform a member of the casino customer support team so they can manually check that the money has arrived. It’s much simpler when withdrawing, but you might have to wait 5-7 business days to get a hold of your winnings. This is the main downside of bank transfers.

Revolut casinos

More than 15 million people in the UK use the online banking services of a Revolut payment account. And the fantastic lean and simple smartphone app is perfect for making instant bank transfers. Linked to your Revolut account is a physical debit card, as well as the option to create as many virtual debit cards for making online payments safely. So, you have lots of options for transferring money.

Revolut online casino transfers are lightning-fast in our experience. Plus, the app is an excellent way to manage your money and get instant feedback on any transactions. There’s also a customer support team at your beck and call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Therefore, we recommend Revolut casinos to UK gamblers.

Monzo casinos

A fast-rising alternative to Revolut is Monzo. As of 2019, the online banking app counted 5 million UK users among its clients. Just like Revolut, you get the option of managing all your finances via the Apple iOS and Google Android apps. You can also use a physical debit card if so desired. And, just like Revolut, you can create additional virtual cards for added security.

However, it’s worth noting that virtual cards are a feature only available to Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium account holders. Whereas Revolut gives all of its users (no matter their payment tier) access to virtual debit cards. That might sway your decision.

Klarna casinos

Klarna’s credit options, including its famous Buy Now Pay Later feature, cannot be used at UK gambling sites. However, Klarna can still help facilitate regular bank account transfers. Therefore, we’re including it in this section. Essentially, Klarna, when used in this way, makes it safer to transfer money from your regular UK bank accounts to online casinos. It does this by enabling users to directly log into their bank account via the app – with additional authorisation.

Also, as is the case with both Revolut and Monzo, Klarna users can choose to block gambling payments. This is useful if you desire a cooling-off period and don’t want to be tempted back. Or if you want to stop gambling entirely, it’s an excellent way to block payments – meaning you simply can’t play.

PayPal, eWallets and online banking

A modern, safe and downright convenient online payment method used by millions every day is one of the many eWallets. This is short for electronic wallet, of course. In fact, you will see the majority of UK online casinos offering a panoply of eWallets because they make things so easy and instantaneous. This is why we think eWallets are some of the best options for UK casino players.

Admittedly, it does take a little bit of setting up in the first place (as do regular bank accounts, of course). But it’s often worth the extra effort to keep your details safe with things like two-factor authentication. Here are a few different eWallet casino payment methods…

PayPal casinos

PayPal’s raison d’être is to make online transactions super safe and convenient. And being able to access its plethora of features via the desktop website or iOS/Android apps makes managing your money online a breeze. Now, not all UK online casino sites accept PayPal. So, be sure to check that before signing up for an online casino account. Or look at our list of top PayPal casinos UK.

For online casinos that do accept PayPal, it’s one of the best casino payment methods available. Just note that you might not be able to claim certain bonuses at PayPal casinos. This is always noted (if applicable) in the bonus T&Cs. You may also incur a small fee for certain types of transactions. Finally, remember that PayPal Credit is not an option – see the credit card section above for more on this.

MuchBetter casinos

Based in Lithuania, digital wallet and payment app maker MuchBetter recently entered the UK online casino space. With the use of dynamic CVV codes, two-factor authentication and a rather slick eWallet, UK MuchBetter online casinos are super secure. So, you can use MuchBetter safe in the knowledge that your payments are protected every step of the way. More and more UK casinos accept MuchBetter now, too.

What’s more, the MuchBetter wallet can be used for both casino deposits and withdrawals. And, for the cherry on top, the fees are some of the lowest we’ve seen compared to other UK digital wallets. Nice! We can see this payment method getting very popular!

Skrill casinos

London-based digital wallet provider Skrill is a go-to casino payment method for UK players. That’s because it has a wide variety of uses at some of the best Skrill casinos. This includes the ability to make payments via your bank card, via regular bank transfer and directly to other Skrill users. In fact, you can even buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin via the Skrill app. Amazing stuff!

However, just like PayPal, you might find that Skrill is regularly not included as an option to claim a casino welcome bonus. Also, there may be some small fees to bear in mind when using Skrill. Therefore, always check the terms of bonuses and withdrawals.

Neteller casinos

Neteller got its start in Canada back in 1999. However, the company has been based in the Isle of Man since 2004. In fact, as of July 2000, the company was processing payments for a massive 85% of gambling companies. Therefore, it makes for a great digital wallet option for UK gamblers and should be widely available at many online casinos and sports betting sites.

Neteller also has a premium tier that’s worth considering for much lower fees. Plus, premium members get a free prepaid Mastercard. Like Skrill and PayPal, however, UK Neteller casinos often exclude the payment method from many online casino bonus offers.

Trustly casinos

Since 2016, the Swedish online payment company Trustly has provided gamblers with an easy way to Pay N Play. However, while certainly useful for enabling players to play without registering an account or going through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, it’s only available at Trustly casinos outside of the United Kingdom. This is a huge shame and we hope the rules change in the future.

Nevertheless, Trustly online casinos enable you to link to your bank for instant payments over an encrypted connection. It essentially provides another layer of security when wanting to play at online casinos with added peace of mind. Not bad, huh?

Paysafecard casinos

The Paysafe Group was formed after Skrill acquired Paysafecard. But the latter is still an option at paysafecard casinos in the UK. But you might be wondering how it works. Well, essentially, Paysafecard is an online prepaid card or, more accurately, a voucher.

Online gamblers can purchase vouchers in a variety of UK stores. They then enter a 16-digit PIN code in the cashier area to top up their online casino account. The chief advantage of this is that you don’t have to share bank details, card details or other payment information with the casino. Therefore, it presents another excellent option for UK casino account holders wanting to top up.

Payz casinos

There are a good many Payz casinos in the UK. And for good reason. The popular eWallet (and the optional prepaid Mastercard) offers UK players a good solution for making casino deposits and withdrawals. One of its best features is that it doesn’t show your banking details with online casinos (or any online retailer, for that matter). This makes it resistant to online fraud attempts.

Transactions via Payz are super fast, too. This means that you can get to playing your favourite casino games in next to no time. Payz withdrawals are reliant on the casino’s payments processing team, of course. But that’s the case everywhere else, too.

Zimpler casinos

Zimpler is another great online solution for those wanting to use card-based payment methods without exposing their details online. However, at the time of writing, Zimpler is not available in the United Kingdom, though the company has plans to expand into the UK market as soon as possible. So, until that time, you’ll have to use one of the other popular payment methods listed above or below.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation and update our pages when it does make the jump across from Europe. It’s just that UK online casino customers can’t use Zimpler quite yet. So, watch this space for any news on that!

Pay by phone, Apple Pay and Google Pay

If you’ve got this far, you probably think there are more payment methods than you can shake a stick at. But there are two more payment classes we want to cover here. The first of these is a mobile payments platform in a technical sense. The advantages of using the mobile device you carry with you at all times are obvious, of course.

Pay-by-phone casinos offer one of the popular payment methods for UK players. And the deposit method has been further popularised by Boku. Plus, there are two more options provided by mobile phone heavyweights Apple and Google. Let’s take a look at all of these now…

Boku casinos

For those looking for a quick way to play at many online gambling sites in the UK, Boku casinos could be right up your street. There are two main ways to use the pay-by-mobile-phone casino payment method for online gambling. Either top up your Boku account directly or have the deposited amount taken from your next mobile network provider bill.

However, it’s worth keeping an eye on any changes to UKGC rules. That’s because the latter of the two payment options is technically borrowing money – so we advise using it with caution. Also, Boku cannot be used for withdrawals, so you’ll need an alternative payment method for this.

Apple Pay casinos

If you own an Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch, then another casino payment method that’s well worth considering is the company’s Apple Pay service. Essentially, this involves Apple storing your encrypted debit card details on your mobile device or desktop and then using TouchID or FaceID to authorise any casino deposits. This makes Apple Pay a super-secure deposit method.

Also, you won’t have to enter your card number each time you want to deposit money at your chosen casino site. Nice! Note, however, that withdrawals are not permitted via Apple Pay. Other than that, however, Apple Pay casinos are a great option for UK players.

Google Pay casinos

Google actually created their own version of Apple Pay for users of its Android mobile OS way before Apple cottoned on. It works in much the same way, too, and provides the same additional levels of security. This makes it a very popular option at UK Google Pay casinos.

So, if you own an Android mobile device, this could be a great option for making an online casino deposit. It certainly beats paying online with your card directly. However, as with Apple Pay, online casino withdrawals are impossible via Google Pay as it stands.

Cryptocurrency payment methods

Lastly, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the hottest trends in online payment methods. We’re talking about using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others at crypto casinos and hybrid casinos. However, don’t get too carried away just yet. There are many caveats.

You won’t be able to play at a UKGC-licensed casino site using cryptocurrencies. Instead, you’ll have to play at online casino sites based outside of the UK. This is inherently risky, of course, even if the payment method itself is super secure. Anyway, let’s have a look at the available options…

Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin is the most well-known and influential of all cryptocurrencies. In fact, the whole cryptocurrency market often follows the ups and downs of Bitcoin (which tends to fluctuate wildly). You’ll need a digital crypto wallet for making casino deposits and for receiving your winnings if you choose it as your Bitcoin casino withdrawal option.

However, the relative anonymity, security of transferring from one wallet to another and “cool factor” make it a great payment method for online gambling. The only problem is having to play at non-UKGC online casinos.

Ethereum casinos

The main rival to Bitcoin is Ethereum (ETH). And there are plenty of online casinos out there accepting it as a casino payment method. Furthermore, there are some online casino games running on the Ethereum blockchain. These are called Provably Fair games. They enable casino players to check exactly what has been paid out in winnings.

Ethereum also makes for a top-notch online casino payment method. However, for all the same reasons we highlighted about Bitcoin, you’ll have to take a massive risk in playing at non-UKGC-licensed online casinos.

Altcoins and other crypto casino options

While Bitcoin and Ethereum tend to take all the headlines, there are many other crypto payment methods out there. For example, some online casinos are happy to accept Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and even the meme-born Dogecoin (DOGE) as payment methods. Stablecoins are also accepted at various offshore online casinos.

However, not all crypto casinos accept anything more than industry standard Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, you’ll often have to search far and wide for a site that will let you play with altcoins. And just like the two big hitters in the crypto space, you’ll be running the risk of playing at an offshore online casino. Therefore, we do not recommend this route.

Casino account verification and KYC procedure

All players in the UK must verify their online casino account. Additionally, they will need to go through the KYC procedure. The latter stands for Know Your Customer and pretty much does what it says on the tin. Therefore, either when first signing up and making online casino deposits or when trying to make your first casino withdrawal, you need to send in copies of important documents. These will usually be accepted as photos from your phone or scans via your computer.

You’ll need an official form of photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license, as well as proof of address. The latter can be a utility bill from within the last three months, for example. You may also have to prove that you own the payment method you have chosen. For example, you might have to take smartphone photos of the front and back of your card.

For some forms of casino payment methods, this verification process would be impossible, of course. Nevertheless, it’s always best to comply with the various checks so that you can withdraw from your online account without any delays.

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Well, there you have it. Now you have a full grasp on all of the casino payment methods for UK players. And as long as you follow our top tips for staying safe, you’ll have no problem using these casino payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. As we say above, it’s a matter of balancing speed and convenience with safety and security. Which casino payment methods appeal most to you?

Casino payment method FAQs

Can I receive a casino bonus with every payment provider?

Not all of them. Many online casino customers are disappointed to find out that some eWallets like Skrill and Neteller are sometimes excluded from casino bonuses and free spins deals. So, it's worth checking and using one of the alternative payment options instead.

Can I deposit with one method and withdraw with another?

This largely depends on the casino operator and the casino deposit method. Most UK online casino sites want you to only use one payment method. However, there are certain exceptions – if you win a jackpot, it'll will be wired to your bank regardless of your initial deposit method.

Are there limits on deposit and withdrawal amounts?

Yes. Minimum casino deposits are usually around £10 at UK gambling sites. And very large transactions may require source of funds (SoF) checks to comply with anti-money laundering procedures. The same things apply to withdrawals. Check the casino payments page each time.

What is the safest payment method for online casinos?

Bank wire transfer is probably the safest of all casino payment methods. That's because no information that could be used to remove money from your account is ever shared online. Using a debit card would be the least safe, but e-wallets offer an additional layer of security there.

How do I choose an online casino payment method?

It's a matter of balancing things like the safety and security of a payment option against things like convenience and speed. Some payment methods might take a little while to set up initially but it could be worth it if you can pay money quickly, easily and safely forevermore after that.

What is the quickest way to cash out my casino winnings?

Picking a payment option that is known for speed would be the first thing to do. At each online casino operator in the UK, you can usually find a payments or withdrawals page that will tell you exactly how long it should take to process and send payments to you.

Can I use a credit card to play at UK online casinos?

No, it is not possible to use Visa credit cards, Mastercard credit cards or services like PayPal Credit for the purposes of gambling in the United Kingdom. This rule was brought in by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) in 2020 and is unlikely to ever be reversed anytime soon.

Why are some payment methods not available in the UK?

There are two possible reasons for this. Firstly, the payment provider does not operate in the United Kingdom (due to licensing or any number of other issues). Or, it's the casino sites themselves that restrict how many payment options they will allow for casino accounts.

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