VIP Casino Online: Compare the best VIP casinos and VIP bonuses in the UK 2024

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You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a VIP casino in the UK. So, if you’re after high-roller bonuses, including VIP casino cashback offers, let GamblingAuthority be your guide.

In this article, we will go over how to choose a top VIP casino bonus. We’ll also cover the VIP benefits at UK online casinos. Then, we’ll move on to what makes a true VIP casino experience. For example, high-limit games are a key part of the VIP experience, offering exclusive opportunities and higher stakes for elite players. So, we’ll explore them too.

Now, let’s chill the champagne, roll out the red carpet and live the high life at a VIP casino online.

Best VIP casinos in the UK 2024

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Key takeaways

How we rate VIP online casinos

Our casino review process is much the same for regular sites as it is for VIP casinos. However, when dealing with the latter, we look at a few extra things. VIP perks are also considered in the rating process of VIP online casinos, highlighting the additional benefits available to VIP members. Here are our VIP casino criteria…

VIP welcome bonus

High rollers want the largest possible bonus on their first deposit. This also means a larger than usual minimum deposit. Therefore, we assess these factors, along with any wagering requirements to ensure the deal is just right. A high roller bonus needs careful consideration!

Other casino promotions

Beyond the first deposit bonus, VIP players will want to see plenty of other promotions. This will include further deposit bonuses, cashback deals and loyalty schemes. We go over these with a fine-tooth comb to ensure you'll be entertained in the weeks and months to come.

VIP casino games

VIPs want access to the latest games and great betting options. But it's not just about quantity – quality plays a vital role too. So, we always look for top-shelf game providers, such as Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and Play'n GO – to name but a few!

VIP mobile experience

Most UK players do their online gambling on a mobile device nowadays. And it's no different for VIPs. Therefore, we always check the site and the games from various iOS and Android devices to ensure a seamless VIP casino experience. The same goes for mobile casino apps.

VIP benefits and rewards

Last but not least, we want to know exactly what benefits a VIP player can expect. Aside from the usual loyalty points and account managers, we expect a luxurious experience. This includes trips to the best sporting events, a birthday bonus and VIP slots tournaments.

Pros and cons of VIP casino sites in the UK

Living the dream of a high roller can be a great experience. But it’s not always a bed of roses. So, in the interest of transparency, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages…


  • Much bigger bonuses and large cashback deals for high rollers
  • Exclusive live dealer tables and high-stakes casino games
  • Super fast withdrawal times and much higher deposit limits
  • Loyalty schemes and prize wheel bonuses will be available
  • Personal account manager assigned to resolve any problems


  • Minimum deposit amounts will be much higher than normal
  • Some may find constant account manager contact annoying
  • VIP privileges may be lost if you don't play regularly enough

VIP casino bonus types explained

Just as there are many VIP casinos, there are many huge and exclusive bonuses, too. From massive deposit bonuses to VIP cashback offers. VIP rewards further enhance the value of VIP casino bonuses by providing additional benefits and exclusive perks. Here are the main promotions for UK high rollers:

VIP no deposit bonuses

While sign-up bonuses are fairly common in the UK, that's not the case for VIP casinos. The reasoning is simple. Online casino sites want to see higher deposit amounts before awarding VIP status. Which makes sense. However, it is still possible to find no deposit bonuses at online casinos with loyalty points schemes. Therefore, it does pay off to do your research.

VIP welcome bonus offers

Genuine VIP casino sites will offer plenty of bonus money as part of their welcome bonus deals. But it should be noted that the minimum deposit amount will be fairly high, too. Also, the wagering requirements may also be quite steep. Higher deposit amounts ensure that you can put your money where your mouth is. Nevertheless, VIP bonuses can be worth thousands.

VIP free spins and VIP spins

Many high-roller bonuses do not include casino free spins or bonus spins. That's because if someone wants to make a higher roller deposit and play high-stakes games, they won't be interested in low-value free spins. Having said that, VIPs still receive high-value free spins for selected slots from time to time. Just keep an eye on the wagering requirements before playing your VIP spins.

VIP casino cashback bonuses

Instead of free spins and bonus spins, many VIP players want casino cashback deals. On top of a decent welcome bonus, these casino offers act as an insurance policy against bad form. For example, a VIP player may be given up to £1,000 in cashback on any losses that week. So, you can see why higher deposit VIP players want this kind of deal rather than bonus spins.

Other VIP rewards

By keeping an eye on the promotions page, you can stay right up to date. And your VIP manager is sure to keep you informed just in case. In this way, you'll be the first to know about exclusive seasonal VIP offers and gain entry to slots tournaments for high rollers. Another one to look out for is a prize wheel to win lots of extra goodies and VIP bonuses.

Payment methods at VIP casino sites

As we’re dealing with big money, we want to see many payment methods. Luckily, VIP casino sites should have most UK payment methods available. So, that means all of the basics like debit cards, online banking and wire transfers.

VIP payment methods provide exclusive financial options for VIP players, ensuring a seamless and premium experience.

Additionally, you’ll find a whole panoply of eWallets and online banking services available. We’re talking PayPal casinos, Trustly casinos, Skrill casinos, Neteller casinos, Paysafecard casinos, plus casinos that accept Revolut, Monzo and more. Our VIP casino reviews will let you know what’s what.

VIP casino deposit limits and payout times

The sky’s the limit for depositing, withdrawing and getting preferential payouts. For high-depositing players and those withdrawing, there will be high limits, including access to high-limit slots. Your VIP account manager will ensure that your withdrawals are lightning-fast. VIP banking options provide exclusive financial services for VIP players, ensuring a seamless and privileged experience. Let’s take a look…

Deposits limits for high rollers

Online casino whales won’t be satisfied if they can’t make very large deposits. So, if you consider yourself a big spender, check out the deposit limits before signing up. Having said that, you will need to prove your source of funds once you cross a certain deposit threshold.

This is nothing to worry about, though, as it’s standard anti-money laundering practice in the UK. And once you become a VIP, your personal account manager will be able to up the limits.

VIP casino withdrawal times

VIP players naturally want preferential treatment. And that includes being able to withdraw their winnings as fast as possible. Therefore, when submitting a withdrawal request, it will be put at the head of the queue. The payments team will be told by your account manager to approve withdrawals instantly.

Then, it’s just down to your chosen payment method. Online banks and eWallets will be faster, and high street banks will be slowest.

Casino game selection for VIP players

VIP casino sites will be packed to the rafters with the most popular casino games. VIP tournaments offer exclusive gaming events for VIP players, adding an extra layer of excitement and exclusivity. So, it’s best to know what you want before signing up. Here are some of the best casino games available…

VIP slots and progressive jackpots

There are no better high-stakes games than video slots, especially the highly volatile ones. That’s because they can often go many rounds without paying. But all of a sudden, a huge win will come around. And, of course, the ultimate forms of this are the progressive jackpot slots. These ones are capable of paying out millions of pounds on a single spin. High rollers love them.

High-stakes live casino games

Live dealer games offer online casino players a taste of Las Vegas. And being able to interact with the live dealer certainly adds to that. And for those who like high-stakes games with huge pots, there are plenty of live casino tables available. So, be sure to check out the Salon Privé and VIP tables. These are available for online blackjack, baccarat punto banco and many other table games.

Elite VIP poker tournaments

For those who like to test their skills while placing big bets, poker is a good choice. Often there are dedicated online poker sites available, while many online casinos may not offer player-to-player (P2P) poker. And video poker is often too low-stakes for high rollers. Online poker tournaments with large buy-ins can be perfect for VIP players. Just bring your poker face!

Huge sporting bets for VIPs

Loved by famous footballers and celebrities alike, sports betting is a big deal for VIPs. Larger online casinos like Bet365, for example, will offer slots and sports on the same site. Whereas, a dedicated sports betting site might be a better fit for some high-roller players. So, be sure to look out for VIP sports betting sites. Many mobile casino apps offer sports betting, too.

How to gain membership at a UK VIP casino

Signing up at a VIP casino is no different to registering at a regular online casino. However, there are a few additional steps to becoming part of the VIP clubs. This can include depositing a certain amount each and every month. Or playing online casino games regularly. Furthermore, you may want to enter exclusive VIP slot game tournaments to prove you’re the best player. VIP events are also part of the benefits of becoming a VIP member, offering exclusive experiences and rewards.

Nevertheless, here are the basic steps for getting started at one of the UK’s finest VIP casinos:

  1. View the offers in our list above and read through the online casino reviews
  2. Narrow down your shortlist until you find the one, then click the ‘Play’ link
  3. Fill in your details on the registration page and claim a first deposit bonus
  4. Build up your loyalty points to claim additional online casino rewards
  5. Be invited to become a member and get the full VIP casino experience

Personal data security at VIP casinos

With a lot of money on the line as a high roller, you’ll want to play at the most secure online gambling sites. Part of this is to gamble responsibly. Another is to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your personal information safe and secure. VIP security measures provide enhanced security protocols for VIP players, ensuring their data is protected at all times.

Therefore, our first recommendation is to only play at VIP casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The UKGC ensures that the VIP casino is shipshape and will back players in case of any disputes.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that all pages of the site are encrypted. To do this, look for the padlock symbol in the URL address bar. Alternatively, make sure the URL begins with HTTPS instead of the non-secure HTTP. Then, choose strong passwords for your casino login.

Following that, use two-factor authentication at the VIP casino and for whatever payment method you choose. This will mean you can play casino games without any worries.

Being a high roller can be a wild ride at UK online casino sites. You’ll be treated like royalty, your deposit bonus offers will be sky-high and you’ll get numerous benefits.

Still, it’s important to gamble responsibly, only deposit what you can afford to lose and enjoy the casino games you play. Take a look at our curated VIP casino list above and read the reviews before signing up. Then, collect your high-roller bonus deals and play those high-stakes games.

VIP online casinos vs regular UK casinos

You may be wondering what sets a VIP casino apart from regular online gambling sites, and why would you bother signing up to one of the VIP casino programs. Well, essentially, everything at a VIP casino is bigger and better compared to regular UK sites. The deposit bonuses are larger, the free spins are more valuable and withdrawal limits are almost non-existent.

VIP loyalty programs offer exclusive benefits to VIP players, such as personalized services and special promotions. In addition, VIP casinos will appeal to those who want to make large deposits and maximise their welcome bonus and other promotions. This can include significant cash bonuses and cashback deals along the way. Plus, there are many extra VIP benefits, too…

VIPs can earn loyalty points and quickly climb to the top of the tree at UK casinos. In doing so, high rollers can exclusive casino bonuses. Not to mention physical prizes such as iPhones, laptops and TVs. On top of that, players with VIP status will be invited to glamorous events around the world. This can include trips to Las Vegas or tickets for the world’s premier sports matches.

Not only that but VIP players will be given their own casino account manager. These VIP account managers will ensure that high rollers can get priority withdrawals, too. Wow!

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Being a high roller can be a wild ride at UK online casino sites. You’ll be treated like royalty, your deposit bonus offers will be sky-high and you’ll get numerous benefits.

Still, it’s important to gamble responsibly, only deposit what you can afford to lose and enjoy the casino games you play. Take a look at our curated VIP casino list above and read the reviews before signing up. Then, collect your high-roller bonus deals and play those high-stakes games.

VIP Casino FAQ

What are the best VIP online casinos for high rollers in the UK?

There are many VIP casinos for high roller players in the UK. So much so that it's impossible to say which one is best. It's certainly no one-size-fits-all here. So, read our VIP casino reviews to make an informed decision about the deposit bonus offer, casino games and much more.

Where can I find VIP casino bonus codes?

Most VIP casinos do not require a bonus code for their deals. However, whenever one is required we always list it for you. So, when looking at our VIP casino list above, you'll see the bonus code right there on the offer. In this way, you can just copy and paste it straight in.

What rewards do VIP casinos offer?

High roller players get a whole raft of casino rewards. There are huge deposit bonus offers, increased deposit limits and priority withdrawals. Plus, you'll earn loyalty points for even more bonus deals and prizes. And you'll get your own VIP manager and get taken on trips!

Can I play at a VIP casino on mobile?

By all means. The vast majority of VIP casino sites are designed with mobile players in mind. Whether that's via a dedicated casino app or a mobile-optimised site. Rest assured that everything from online slots to live dealer games will work like a charm on iOS and Android.

What payment options are available for VIP players?

Usually, you'll find all of the most popular payment methods at VIP casinos. This will include debit cards, bank transfers and online banking apps like Revolut and Monzo. Then there will also be eWallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Read our casino reviews for more info on these.

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