Gerard’s Gambit: An Online Slot Industry First?

Play'N Go new online slot Gerard's Gambit
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Play’n Go have decided to return to the Wilde family for their latest slot adventure, Gerard’s Gambit.

For such a small firm to have such a large international audience is surprising, to say the least. But when you play their products, it becomes understandable.

Gerard’s Gambit will join the Wilde Slots collection, which includes the Book of Dead, the Tome of Madness, Wandering City, and the Lost Chapter to name but a few.

Find out who is Uncle Gerard

While we already know a lot about Rich and Cat Wilde, the famous brother and sister slot explorers, not a lot is known about their mysterious uncle Gerard.

That’s all about to change as Play’N Go’s brand new slot, a self-proclaimed industry first, will arrive online on the 27th of April.

An Industry First

According to Play’N Go, this will be the online gambling industry’s very first educational slot.

That’s not to say it will appeal to children, but rather it will contain graphics which will explain how the different slots work. There is a firm belief from the company that this new slot will serve as a tutorial for players who are unfamiliar with slot machines.

Wilde Theme

It wouldn’t be a Wilde game if the protagonist didn’t explore different exotic lands, and this is exactly the theme of the slot. We travel across the globe with Gerard in search of untold riches. Mexico, Egypt, and Greece are all countries which are explored through a series of levels, with each one bigger than the last.

Gambling Features

While being innovative in certain aspects, Gerard’s gambit follows traditional gambling features, such as a coin flip, a multiplier wheel, and a Hi-Lo card guess.

Guessing the land of the coin correctly doubles the prize, of which you can win up to 3 flips for a maximum of 8x the win.

The Multiplier Wheel awards 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, or 10x depending on where the wheel lands.

For the card-guessing feature, players may guess which card is higher or lower than the current one. A correct answer doubles the prize and can be availed of only twice.

Expanding Reels

As for the slot features, this slot contains expanding reels. Every couple of levels you progress, the reel increases. The reels start at 3×1 on level 1, then expands to 3×2 on level 3, 3×3 on level 5, and so on.

Then on every winning spin, you will have the option to gamble those winnings using the gamble features mentioned above.

Play’N Go’s Most Innovative Slot Yet

Gerard’s Gambit looks set to continue on the Wilde family story, along with being the most innovative Wilde slot yet.

We are very excited to take this slot for a spin and we’re sure you will be able to play it on the UK’s top online casinos.

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