William Hill Embraces HoloMessage Technology for Enhanced Player Engagement

William Hill Embraces HoloMessage Technology for Enhanced Player Engagement
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In a notable collaboration, William Hill teams up with 2mee to leverage revolutionary HoloMessage technology. William Hill aims to revolutionise player interactions and engagement through video messaging.

Key takeaways
  • William Hill partners with 2mee for HoloMessage technology integration.
  • The technology enables the delivery of video messages as clickable pop-ups on the website and app.
  • Influencers’ video messages recorded via smartphones target customers at key moments.
  • Initial campaigns showed a 340% engagement increase over traditional banner ads.
  • HoloMessage serves multiple purposes including player retention, re-engagement, and attracting new players.
  • Positive initial results prompt broader application across customer interactions.
  • The partnership reflects a significant step towards enhanced user engagement and revenue.
  • William Hill also secures title sponsorship of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).

William Hill Casino and Sportsbook, a name synonymous with betting and gaming, has just penned a groundbreaking agreement with 2mee. The aim is to bring the future of online player engagement into the present. The essence of this partnership is the HoloMessage technology, a revolutionary platform designed to redefine how the brand communicates with its audience.

What is HoloMessage?

At its core, HoloMessage is all about direct and impactful communication. This technologically advanced platform lets William Hill send video messages directly from their team and top influencers. These appear as clickable pop-up messages across both their website and mobile app. Imagine logging in to place a bet and being greeted by a personal message from one of your favourite influencers; that’s HoloMessage in action.

A Leap in Engagement

The initial application of this technology was nothing short of a success. A targeted campaign to encourage players to opt-in for marketing campaigns saw engagement figures skyrocket. Specifically, the campaign achieved a 340% increase in engagement. This is compared to the standard banner ads running for 31 days. But why such a significant uplift? It’s personal, direct and cuts through the digital noise in a way that traditional digital ads simply cannot.

Beyond Engagement: A Tool for Every Touchpoint

The potential applications of HoloMessage go far beyond a single campaign. From player retention to reactivating lapsed users and attracting new casino customers, the versatility of this platform is a game-changer. Given its successful deployment, William Hill plans to incorporate HoloMessage across various aspects of the customer journey. What could be next? Compliance messages, sportsbook offers and perhaps even personalised casino bonuses. All of this may soon be part of the William Hill customer experience.

A Simplified Process

Reflecting on the technology, William Hill’s Head of Personalisation & Product Matt Baulk praised its simplicity and efficacy. From recording to deployment, the ease of use stands out. This makes HoloMessage a formidable tool in their digital engagement arsenal.

Looking Ahead

With such encouraging results, the partnership between William Hill and 2mee is just getting started. As they explore other areas where HoloMessage can be utilised, one thing is clear: the future of player engagement looks brighter than ever. Furthermore, aligning with high-profile ventures such as becoming the title sponsor of the SPFL, William Hill is not just enhancing engagement. It also broadens the UK online casino‘s reach and impact in the sports and betting industry.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, William Hill’s adoption of HoloMessage sets a high bar for brands to interact with their customers. What’s more, the technology could profoundly change messaging in more personal and engaging ways.

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